The Importance of High-Quality Banner Printing and Design 

Your marketing strategy should revolve around getting the customer and the brand together. This is where quality products come into play. You do not always need the most expensive advertising methods, but even cost-effective products, such as banner printing, must be of high quality to yield the most benefit.

When it comes to banner printing, it is essential to create content and design that will be truly representative of the product, brand, or service. The identity of the brand should be clear through quality design, and the printing and digital design have to be smart and clear. Banner printing must be of high quality for the following reasons:

  • Reusability: Banners are used repeatedly at a wide variety of events, exhibitions, and tradeshows. This means that they suffer wear and tear. Being erected, standing out in the elements, and then being dismantled and stored again can wreak havoc with some more delicate fabrics. This is why your banner printing has to stand up to repeated use. Nothing brings your brand down like an old, faded or worn banner, so it is important that the print can withstand repeated use for a long time.
  • Fade-resistance: Because so many banners are used outdoors, they are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time. The sun, wind, and rain may all contribute to a print fading and deteriorating, detracting significantly from the appearance of the banner. Prints should be clear and offer good UV-resistance. It should be able to deal with getting wet, and it should be able to dry out quickly without fading. High-quality banner printing will ensure that your banners stay in perfect condition for longer.
  • Design: The person who designs your banner has to be a master of their craft. While it is possible to use various combinations of colour and design to create an impact, you have to be sure that you are sending the correct message to the correct market. The design of the banner will represent the character and identity of the brand, and therefore the design has to be aligned with how the brand should be perceived. Colours should be bold and solid but not overwhelming – often text or other messages get lost in a myriad of colours. Lines should be clean and clear, and text should be used only where necessary. Nobody has time to stop and read lines of text on a banner, especially if it is flapping in the wind outdoors, and therefore the message should be clear and concise. Use only a few words that can be easily read. Some companies choose only to use the logo, which is often enough to engage the customer. Contrast can also help to identify the most recognisable aspects of the brand identity, and clever banner design and printing are vital to the positive impact of the banner.

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