Scan Display that offers revolutionary brochure racks all across the world. Visit our website for more exciting information at

When you are looking for brochure racks, Scan Display offers several stands, some of which are the Enara View L15, Standex L16, the Zedup Clear L18, the Zedup L17, Stacker L19, the 6 Pocket Fanfare (available in 12 & 24 pockets) L12, the Erin L11, the Enara L13, and the Desktop Enara L14.

More about Scan Display and our network of branches, distributors and partners:

Did you know that Scan Display has a well secured international network of branches in Durban, Swaziland, Gaborone, Cape Town – distributors in Lagos, Knysna, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Windhoek and Lusaka to ensure 100% client accessibility – and also partners in Belgium, Turkey, United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Dubai, Germany, France and Egypt? We have specifically opened our Head office in rose bank Johannesburg, which is perfectly centralized.

Did you know that Scan Display has won numerous international awards for our displays and stands, some of these, which included our excellent brochure racks, were:

  • Scan Display Solutions, Unibox system with glass panels, Markex & World of Events, Gauteng, June 2007;
  • Nedbank, Metro stand, Mining Indaba, February 2007;
  • Scan Display Solutions, Unibox system, Markex & World of Events, Gauteng, June 2006; Markex & World of Events, Cape, July 2006;
  • Biz Community, Metro system Markex & World of Events, Gauteng, June 2006;
  • Design Indaba Expo, Exhibition services including shell scheme, lighting, flooring, furniture, Design Indaba 06, February 2006;

To mention but a few.