Exhibition Booth

Your Exhibition Booth – Cool Ways to Attract and Keep Attention

Booking space for an exhibition booth is only the first step. True, pitching up to engage with attendees can be the second step if you make use of our expertise to help your brand stand out at the next event.

Considering that every exhibitor wants to be seen and competes to attract attendees, what can you do to get the best value for time and money with your exhibition booth? Besides letting our team get creative on the layout and attributes, you can think of innovative ways to highlight your brand.

Product Prop

If your firm sells laptops, consider using a large flat-screen television and cardboard design keyboard to give it the feel of a larger-than-life notebook. Add your best brand advert and the visitors will notice. Of course, your exhibition booth may not have all that much space. In this instance, read on as we share more tips on how to make your exhibition booth the talk of the show.

Special Offer – Limited Time

Many event attendees expect discounts and giveaways. Advertise a special offer only available to visitors at the event. Promote the discount through your website, social media pages, and newsletters. But, don’t stop there. Yourdisplay stand must be visible and so must the special.

Forward to Freebies

Swag bags, free beverages, gifts, and discount vouchers are the honeycombs that attract the bees. Make sure that you have enough and advertise them boldly. Everything you give away must have your brand all over it.

Create engagement with competitions at your exhibition booth, enabling attendees to win several small items and have the chance to win something impressive. Announce that attendees must be at your trade stand at a certain time and day for a chance to win the big item.

Go Big or Go Even Bigger

Gigantic swag bags with your brand splashed all over will attract attention. Best of all, the visitors will walk around the trade show advertising your brand. Many more attendees will pop in for their free bags.

Phone-Charging Station

Show you care about customer needs. Add a phone-charging station and offer free beverages for the visitors while they wait. Think about it. The visitors are in your booth, glued to the phone-charging station. They have nowhere else to be and you have their attention. Create interactive displays and use the opportunity to engage with them.

Notebook or Laptop Stations

Provide free Internet access and notebook stations. Add comfortable seating and you have people willing to stay. During this period, your interactive displays run and customer engagement activities are offered.

Selfie Booth

Gone are the days of photo booths. Today, we have selfie booths. Make yours so amazing that visitors will want to stop. Guess what’s in the background? Your brand message is all over it. Every selfie taken is thus an advert for your brand. Create hashtags and provide a range of props to intrigue and inspire. Your exhibition booth will become the hotspot for sharing and posting selfies.

Make the most of events such as the upcoming Wines2Whales, Windaba, and Africa Oil Week. Let us provide you with the ultimate exhibition booth.


Windaba Once Again Impressed in October 2019

If you missed the ninth annual Windaba conference hosted in Cape Town at the start of October, don’t despair. You will get another chance to visit the premier international wind energy event next year. This year’s conference was hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from the 8th to the 9th of October.

Windaba is the leading power and wind energy event in the country and worth attending if you are interested or operate within the renewable energy sector.

Windaba October 2019 was made possible by the South African Wind Energy Association and the Global Wind Energy Council. Influencers and many government representatives attended. Important decision-makers and numerous stakeholders participated in the discussions about the future of wind energy supply in Africa.

As many as 500+ exhibitors displayed their products and brand messages. With the visitors to Windaba already in the market for renewable energy products, exhibitors benefited from having their target audiences right at their booth entrances.

With the conference in its ninth year, it has become almost a household name in the wind energy circles. Several top delegates attended to support the focus on creating sustainable energy sources for the people of Africa. The Minister of Mineral and Energy Resources, Gwede Mantashe, also attended this year’s Windaba.

Among the delegates to this year’s Windaba were OEMs, investors, and bank representatives, as well as insurers.

Minister Gwede Mantashe was one of the key speakers at the conference. He noted that conventional electricity supply is too expensive, thereby verbalising what is on the minds of many South Africans. In his address, Minister Mantashe noted the importance of wind power for energy creation. With government also showing interest in wind energy supply, it is certainly good news for service providers and inventors hoping to promote wind energy in Africa.

Why You Should Not Miss Out on the Opportunity to Attend and Exhibit at the 2020 Windaba

The next Windaba event will be hosted in October 2020. If you missed out on the opportunity to have a display stand at the premier wind energy event this year, book your spot early for next year.

Delegates to the event have opportunities to participate in discussions, learn more about wind energy supply trends, and gain a better understanding of trends in the industry. You should attend if you want to brush up on your knowledge of renewable energy supply, are a supplier of wind energy products, and want to find out more about solutions from your peers in the industry.

You will also get to network with influencers and experts from government departments, the environmental engineering sector, and operations and maintenance service providers.

Still on the topic of energy sources, the Africa Oil Week is just around the corner. The event will be hosted in Cape Town from the 4th to the 8th of November 2019, also at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. According to the Africa Oil Week website, as many as 29 ministers will attend. You can download a brochure for the prestigious event from their website.

Whether you intend to exhibit at the Windaba 2020 event or the Africa Oil Week, you can rely on us for an extensive range of display stands.

Innovation Summit

SA Innovation Summit 2019 – Superb Platform for Innovative Thinking and Technology

The SA Innovation Summit is the leading events platform for entrepreneurs in South Africa. This year’s event was hosted from 11 to 13 September 2019 in Cape Town. The 2019 theme was “From Africa to the World” with the focus on true leadership aimed at being the change and the capacity builder. In addition, it was about showcasing entrepreneurial talent. With over 450 entrepreneurs, more than 150 investors, and as many as 600 companies on the attendance list, it is certainly an event that represents the creative and innovative spirit of South Africa very well. The event has something for everyone. Everything from striking exhibits and incredible learning opportunities to exceptional networking potential and unforgettable keynote deliveries form part of the exciting programme.

Innovation Summit – Value Proposition for Entrepreneurs

It provides an opportunity to learn from the industry gurus and influencers. The event also provides a myriad of networking opportunities, ways to find new markets, and a place to pitch concepts to investors. It is the event to attend if you want to be inspired or seek funding for innovative new ideas.

Innovation Summit – Identify Investment Opportunities

Where else can you discover such a variety of concepts, the most innovative new ideas, proven approaches, and tech start-ups to fund? With access to over 1500 entries, a range of masterclasses and several panel discussions, it is an event that potential investors simply must attend.

Headhunt Talent

Recruit top-tier talent for your business by making use of all the opportunities available at the event. Exploit the platform to expand your company’s support incentives and programmes for new companies. Use the event to host workshops and position your firm as a leader in your particular industry.

Full Programme to Attract and Retain Interest

TheSA Innovation Summit is about creativeness, technology, design, and invention. It is about the people who take challenges head-on and are agents of change. To this end, the event programme reflects the true spirit of the entrepreneurs attending the event. It includes keynote deliveries by local industry and thought leaders, researchers, and experienced entrepreneurs. The summit has an annual programme and this year’s offering did not disappoint. It included the launch of three crowdsourcing campaigns, the building of innovative ecosystems, and panel discussions on topics such as artificial intelligence investment, innovation in justice, and accelerating incubators. It also included pitching dens and lessons founders learnt on their entrepreneurial journeys. Panel discussions, furthermore, focused on topics related to the ethics of investors and commercialisation into Africa, to name only a few. If you have missed this year’s SA Innovation Summit in Cape Town, make sure you are at the next event.

Plan Your Exhibition at the Next Event

Though there is enough time to prepare for your business’s involvement or the pitching of your entrepreneurial concept for the upcoming event in 2020, it is vital to start early. Contact our professional design and print team for expert help to design, print, and manufacture your exhibition stand at the next SA Innovation Summit.

Exhibition Display Stands

5 Proven Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Exhibition Display Stands

Even with the best exhibition display stands available, you still need to make the right choice regarding layout, ambience, and functionality. In addition, you and your marketing team need to plan for the event day. This means marketing ahead of time.

1. Pre-Exhibition Marketing

Of course, you depend on the visibility of exhibition display stands to attract visitors, but with pre-trade marketing, you can ensure that your loyal customers will visit your booths. Use your email newsletters to announce where you will host a stand or several such trade stands. Invite your clients to drop in at your booths. Better yet, offer an incentive to do so.

Have your clients register online at your website to attend the exhibition where you will have display stands. Give them free tickets to the event and offer further freebies for attending your exhibition display booths. Create a Facebook event and invite your page followers to attend. Add an incentive for sharing and provide them with useful information about particular trade fair events where your brand will be represented.

2. Offer Skills Workshops at Your Exhibition Display Stands

If you have space, consider hosting short skills courses in your particular product or service offering. Make sure you notify your current clients of the workshops. With such offered, visitors stay longer.Boothsthat look busy attract more visitors.

3. Offer Product Demonstrations

As an alternative to skills workshops, you can offer product demonstrations. Advertise such on your website and social media pages well ahead of time. Also be sure to advertise such on banners or LED light box displays at the venue. You can even offer freebies for attending or provide certificates for attendance. Discount vouchers should form part of the marketing campaign to drive current clients to your trade booths. The benefit of such is that the customers will want to use the vouchers while they can. Make the vouchers redeemable only at your trade booths if you use such as pre-trade marketing items. If you use such at your trade booths, make sure the vouchers can be used at your stores as well.

4. Social Media Hub

People no longer leave home without their iPhones, tablets, or smartphones. They tweet, like, post, share, and upload the entire time. They often do so even more when at trade fairs. Make sure your booths are interactive to attract attention. Indeed, by turning your booths into social media hubs, you create focus points. Have relaxation spaces in addition to live projected feeds. Tap into the power of hashtags to have your product demonstrations go viral.

5. Interactivity Creates a Bond

People do not just want to observe while visiting trade booths. They want to participate. Games enable them to interact with your product. This can be a solar experiment or perhaps a 3D puzzle. You can even create a social experiment. Think of your product and how you can have visitors interact with it, using some type of game set-up.

Madex Design Expo

First African Distributor Conference and Madex Design Expo Hosted in June

We proudly announce the success achieved in hosting representatives of twelve African countries at the first African Distributor Conference at the start of June this year. With the African events industry having the potential of enormous growth, we have taken the opportunity to establish partnerships with several companies in the industry from many African countries. The delegates to the African Distributor Conference also had the opportunity to visit our stand at the Madex Design Expo.

More About the Madex Design Expo

The aim of the Madex Design Expo is to bring together industry leaders from across the continent to discuss relevant topics.

It is the annual marketing, advertising, and design expo, hosted this year from 5 to 6 June at the Sandton Convention Centre. No fewer than 40 topics relevant to the industry came under the spotlight, and participation was excellent.

Due to the growing popularity of the Madex Design Expo, even more seating was made available at the recently hosted event. Hand-picked speakers addressed delegates on topics related to the fundamentals of marketing.

The discussions were held in the seminar theatres. In addition, delegates could browse through the many interesting stands, including that of Scan Display, and had the opportunity to network with service providers and key players in the industry.

Boni Mchunu from East Coast Radio and Kevin Fine from Jacaranda FM were among the speakers. They discussed topics, such as micro content creation, design strategies relevant to mobile marketing, and the difference between marketing and branding.

Many more topics came under the spotlight, and if you have missed this year’s event, be sure to visit our stand at the next Madex Design Expo. You are also invited to make use of our products, such as modular stands and exhibition equipment ranging from banners to kiosks, flooring solutions, and more.

More About the African Distributor Conference

The conference was hosted in Johannesburg and consisted of a two-day programme, jam-packed with product demonstrations and presentations about the leading industry trends, in addition to a factory tour, as well as an interactive workshop on how to develop and grow partnerships.

The delegates enjoyed the browsing of stands at the Madex Design Expo where they gained insight about the local industry. Delegates, such as Charles Campbell Clause, Director of Exhibition Stand Contractors in Kenya, noted that the conference was exceptionally interesting and beneficial for ESC. According to him, they had the opportunity to meet peers from other African countries and learned about new products.

Managing Director of Africast Conferences and Exhibitions in Zambia, Chimwemwe Nyirenda, also gave positive feedback. Chimwemwe noted the important role of Scan Display in helping exhibition stand developers across the continent to stay current with the latest cost-effective and sustainable solutions, as well as trends in the industry.

Display Stands for DENTASA Summit

Display Stands for the DENTASA Summit in Cape Town

If you have not yet reserved space at the DENTASA Summit on 19-20 July at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, you need to do so as soon as possible. Do not be concerned about not having time to set up your display stands, as we provide a full range of products and services to help create inviting and functional booths.

Why You Should Book One of the Display Stands for the DENTASA Summit

DENTASA stands for the Dental Technicians Association of South Africa. Membership of the association is voluntary. The association is an industry advocacy body that offers its members several benefits, such as keeping members informed on national issues pertaining to the dental technology industry. It offers liaison with medical schemes, the Department of Health, and other regulatory bodies.

Delegates of the DENTASA Summit include dental technicians and key stakeholders in the industry. Various top brands have booked display stands and as such, you will be among the prestigious exhibitors at the summit.

How to Make Your Exhibition Count

Of course, simply being an exhibitor at the event is not enough. You want to connect with key players in the industry and introduce your innovative technologies and services to the visitors. With an extremely targeted audience, you can expect the visitors to be in the market for your products or services related to dental technology. However, with other exhibitors also targeting the same audience, it is imperative that your exhibition has all the bells and whistles to ensure optimal engagement and visual appeal.

To this end, you can benefit from our expertise in the design of custom display stands, provision of modular booths to meet your space and exhibition requirements, branding expertise, and printing services. In addition, we provide innovative solutions to enhance the appeal and functionality of your exhibition space.

Our product and service offering is extensive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Exhibition booths – modular box and portable.
  • Counters – custom, Mo5, and registration.
  • Furniture – ottomans, chairs, tables, and couches.
  • Brochure holders.
  • Accessories.
  • Audio visual – laptops, TV screens, computers, projectors, DVD players, plasma screen brackets, iPad holders, and touch screens.
  • Tension fabric systems.
  • Roll-up banners.
  • Poster display equipment.
  • Showcases.
  • LED fabric lightboxes.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Carpet and flooring.
  • Design, printing, and branding.

We can thus help you with all your exhibition needs. As a provider of display stands for DENTASA Summit, we understand the target audience, space requirements, and showcase needs of the exhibitors.

Why Us?

We have many years of experience in the exhibition and design industries. Our history dates back to 1996 and since then, we have won several awards and accolades, including the Bronze Award in the US-based Exhibitor Magazine Best Green Stands Awards. Our firm was also a finalist in the Loeries Live Event Category for our involvement at COP 17. Justin Hawes, our MD, was a finalist in the Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (2012).

We were a finalist in the Most Empowered Tourism Business category at the FEDHASA’s Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards event in 2012. Our firm was the winner of the IFES Sustainability Award in 2013 and we have been acknowledged several times at the EXSA Awards. The above awards are only some of our many accomplishments, showing our commitment to sustainability and top-quality products and services.

Get in touch for more information about our display stands for the DENTASA Summit and other exhibitions or conferences in South Africa.