Exhibition Furniture

How to Choose Exhibition Furniture for the Best Impact 

If you regularly take part in exhibitions or trade shows, you will know that space comes at a premium, and that it is essential to make the most of what you can get. It is important to have an exhibition stand that is designed for a purpose. Not only does it have to draw attention to your stand, but the exhibition furniture you choose should fulfil certain functions effectively. The first thing you have to focus on is to draw the eye to where you are. There is a wide variety of exhibition furniture, banners, gazebos and other objects that can help to make your stand more visible.

Usually, the objective of any exhibition stand is to draw as large a crowd as possible. It needs to appeal to your target market and potential consumers, and if there is any competition present at the same event, you really have to pull out all the stops to make your brand stand out. Often, exhibition furniture can make a huge difference in terms of how your stand is perceived, and if you employ the right kind of pieces, you can leverage the comfort and ease that these pieces provide to the advantage of your brand.

Because there are so many different varieties of exhibition and trade show stand builds out there, you have to rely on what you have inside your stand, in order to make an impact. This is where exhibition furniture can make a real difference. You have to employ pieces that will not only entice your potential customer to come to your stand, but to also make them feel comfortable enough to remain there for a while. This provides you with the opportunity to engage with your client base, and to help them to interact with your brand and find out more about it.

Of course, the variety of exhibition furniture almost knows no bounds and the possibilities are endless, which means that you have to be very choosy and wise when it comes to selecting the most effective exhibition furniture for your business. It is essential that you know your objectives before starting out on an exhibition mission, and you need to know how to reach your target market with the least amount of effort.

It certainly does pay to find exhibition furniture that is not only compact, but also affordable. If you pay for space at some trade show or exhibition, you are likely to be subjected to top dollar for every square metre you use, and finding innovative ways to promote your brand, product or service is very important. Getting hold of exhibition furniture that can truly represent your brand is very effective, and even though you may need some guidance here, it helps to find a great supplier of exhibition furniture that can stand up to public scrutiny.

The trick here is not necessarily to find the best exhibition furniture, but to find the best supplier of exhibition furniture. Because these people in this industry tend to focus their efforts on making stands more attractive to target markets, they are well versed in the industry. This means that you have to engage the people who know best.

At Scan Display, we have a wide range of expertise that extends well beyond just providing outstanding exhibition furniture. We can also advise you on other ways to draw your customers to your stand at shows and exhibitions, and to make those connections work for you.

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Professional Exhibition Printing Services

Exhibition printing is an art form which can contribute to the overall success of displays at trade shows. With a lot of effort going into the planning, marketing, and setting up of an exhibition booth, the exhibition printing is often left until the last moment with disastrous effects.

If you want the exhibition to be a tool for creating customer relations, build upon existing relations, and develop a strong brand, then the exhibition printing must be done professionally. The way that the message is portrayed will reflect upon the creativity of your company and the professionalism with which you approach tradeshows.

You need to know that not only the lettering and graphics must draw attention, but also the overall printing. You want a fresh focus and you want the display to be professional. Fabric is perfectly suited for exhibition printing ensuring a quality finish, while the display will also be light. With fabrics you will save on storage space, be able to use the printed displays again and will have various options regarding size, colours, and performance enhancements.  Easy to setup, pack away and move from one spot or exhibition to another, fabrics are the ideal materials upon which printing can be done.

We don’t only provide the materials, but also the design knowledge, and professional printing skills to ensure that this part of your exhibition display will be a stunning success. View our extensive range of services and products and contact us today for customized options, rentals, and modular options and of course, exhibition printing.


Exhibition Marketing Help from the Experts

Exhibition marketing is more than simply putting up a stand and then hoping visitors will come around and notice your company. Exhibition marketing is pro-active. You should invite as many of your existing clients as possible and then also market extensively before the tradeshow.

The next step involves the planning of the exhibition marketing at the tradeshow. You should know which products you want to promote, the target audience, where the stand will be, which colours to use, the types of display stands that will be needed, consider furniture, lights, flooring, light boxes, whether you want a custom stand or a modular stand, banners, the types of banner stands that will be used, how many staff members will be available, which sales materials you want to hand out, how you will get attention amongst hundreds of exhibitors, how the lay-out of the booth should be, and whether you will want counters, and more.

Considering what goes into exhibition marketing, it is no wonder that so many businesses call in the help of experts such as Scan Display. We are able to help with just about everything including the display stands, booth setup, furniture, lighting, flooring, air-conditioning, banner design, and more. Let us focus on the exhibition marketing at the tradeshow while you focus on the product or service that you want to promote at the tradeshow. We have a long track record of exhibition successes for small and large companies. Many of our stands have won prestigious awards. Contact us today for a quote and find out just how affordable our design and marketing services are.

Branded Promotional Products and How They Benefit Your Business

Ever gotten cute branded promotional products such as keyrings or umbrellas decorated with company names and logos? Promotional items like those have been around for years and since the 1970s, companies have been upping their game, trying to outdo one another in the race to brand every possible space. The truth is that anyone who owns a business that has a limited marketing budget has had to find out the hard way that though promotional branding does work well, it can also be a big waste of money.

When it comes to your business, how do you ensure that you’re not wasting money on caps and t-shirts that will sit in the back of people’s cupboards for the rest of eternity? Is there a way to brand, a place to brand and a method to brand that will ensure your products are out in the open, becoming small mobile billboards that advertise your goods and services? Talented branding companies are coming up with more and ways to brand promotional products for their clients and these are all relevant, interesting and cost-effective.

Get the Right Branded Promotional Products for Your Business

Whether you are the sole proprietor of a tiny accounting firm, or you are in charge of a R10 million marketing budget for a huge corporation, you need to know how to brand smart, so that your promotional products will work harder for you. One of the most topical issues currently being addressed in marketing journals is wastage, and this comes down to the right target audience seeing your branding. So how do you make sure the right people see your message?

Think about a billboard and how many people see it every day as they go to work and return home. If you were selling an expensive product, like a smartphone, what would be the value in having low-income target markets seeing your message more frequently than those who could actually afford to buy your product? This is what is referred to as wastage and when it comes to branding, no one can afford to waste their allocated marketing spend for the year.

It’s Important to Reduce Wastage

So how do you ensure that you get your message into the right people’s homes, hearts and minds? This is actually easier than you may think, especially when you consider that people who are grouped together in terms of location, demographics and psychographics have access to the same forms of media. So if you want to advertise a smartphone to those high-income earners, why not brand coffee mugs, and conduct office desk drops at high-profile companies, rather than spend millions on outdoor advertising?

Reducing wastage can sometimes mean location-based advertising and promotional branding too. Giving away small and inexpensive keyrings in a mall may make you feel like you are connecting with loads of consumers on an emotional level, but how many of those will actually buy what you are selling? If you are hoping to take a high value product to market, you should only give away branded products in a high-income mall and only to those who are more likely to buy what you’re selling.

Better Branding Gets More Attention

It is not only the money you spend on branding or where you brand that is important. It is also how you brand promotional products, and what those products are, that drives your message. You need to remember that consumers are swamped with advertising, marketing and branding all day long, so for your products to stand out, they have to be different, shocking, exciting and create talk-ability, just like your message.

A company selling t-shirts, for example, would have a lot more success in giving away branded clothes hangers with a funny message on them, than they would by just saying, ‘buy our t-shirts’. Similarly, if you trying to get more clients for your plumbing business, branding a roll of toilet paper with the message ‘We’ll take care of your poopy jobs’ is much smarter than giving away a flyer.

So it really comes down to a little creativity and some time spent considering how you want your target market to see you, before you spend the big bucks on branded promotional products.

Trade Show, Exhibition, Event and Retail Corporate Branding Solutions

Five out of seven businesses started in South Africa will fold in the first year. This is against a global average of one out of two businesses that fold in the first year. This startling figure was released by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies. This is a scary statistic indeed, because what it tells us is that if there are seven businesses started in South Africa, in one year only two of them will continue to be in existence. In other words, five of them will be out of business within a year. So how is a business to stay afloat in these difficult times?

Whether you’re a business working the tradeshow booth circuit, or simply an organization trying to get your brand out to your targeted demographic, chances are you’ve heard about Scan Display within your industry inner circle.  While exhibition corporate branding solutions can prove a major success in any marketing mix, it has also firmly established itself as a major weapon in developing a brand at trade shows or event and retail exhibitions. If you’re currently not considering this approach in your displays for exhibitions, it’s time to start!

Speaking sense is more important than speaking loud and branding is all about getting heard the most in the congested market space. Scan Display provides corporate branding solutions with infinite resources to help your business succeed!  The team at Scan Display bring out the best in your products and showcase it with a tremendous level of expertise and an obsessive attention to detail. We are committed to providing ideas, inspiration, strategy, and tools to help corporates grow their business and achieve success through exhibition branding solutions. Our proven solutions help customers drive exhibitions, events, retail and display markets, advertising campaigns and trade show traffic. We can assist you to build your brand through the following solutions:

  • Exhibition services
  • Project management
  • Retail display
  • 3D design
  • Graphics & print

Exhibition Branding Solutions

One of the best corporate branding marketing solutions brushed aside by many corporate businesses is that of making use of branded exhibition stands. However, this can be an excellent solution of meeting your target market and getting your brand noticed. Influencing the customer’s behaviour in favour of successful branding solutions is the prime focus of our work. As part of our exhibition branding solutions, we study your business objectives, your products and most importantly your end customers to know what they want and how your exhibition can stand out from the rest. We have an extensive and comprehensive collection of display products with which we do this, and the correct combination can ensure your brand’s success.

Scan Display supplies the full range of exhibition and event services from custom-built exhibition display stands and portable systems to roll-ups and pop-ups, banners, flags and brochure holders, clip frames, carpeting, electrics, audio visual and furniture rental. We have pioneered the use of rolled carpets, tension fabric systems and modular shopping kiosks in the local market and proudly own the rights to manufacture the modulbox™ and mo5™, mobile exhibition and event solutions, in Southern Africa.

Scan Display is a company that will look after the design and construction of your exhibition display stand from start to finish, from logo design, graphics, production, delivery, erection and eventual breakdown of your display.

Important Factors to Consider When Using Displays for Exhibitions

When creating your company exhibition display there are a few significant features to keep in mind throughout the design process to guarantee that you end up with a final product that truly encompasses the business image that you want to convey. Always keep a steady focus on the professional image that your exhibition display offers to passers-by. Your expectations of your exhibitions should always reinforce your image as a polished, poised and professional one. Never set up an exhibition display that looks shabby and dated – it instantly renders your company as an ineffective (and potentially financially struggling) non-entity! Additionally, consistency should also remain a priority throughout the design process. In order to truly showcase your best branding efforts, your exhibition should convey an updated, consistent branded message.

Scan Display is a market leader in the exhibition industry, and with our help you can have an exhibition display that will be a crowd-puller, guaranteed to get your brand noticed. We will boost your brand in highlighting the benefits that attract your desired customers and give you the advantage that you desire and deserve. Our branding solutions add value to your brand image and thus prove beneficial in forming a positive brand perception.

Contact Scan Display today, our team of professionals can assist you with your trade show and exhibition corporate branding solutions, every step of the way.

Increase Brand Awareness through These Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

Do you know how much your brand is worth? Most importantly, is your target audience even aware of your brand? If your business is struggling with sales then you need to increase your brand awareness through some of these excellent trade show ideas. A trade show exhibition is a very powerful marketing tool that can create a lot of exposure for your business.

There is basically one rule in trade show marketing – get noticed! Without getting the attention of your target audience you are not likely to meet your marketing goals. You have to realize that there are other companies all vying for the attention of the same people and because of this your exhibit has to be the best. Making the most out of trade show opportunities for exposure can lead to brand awareness and huge sales and consequently, an increase in profits. Consider the following ideas to get your trade show display into the millennium and help yield maximum sales results:

  • Update trade show booths – the easiest and most impactful place to start is always with the exhibition itself. If you’re currently working a stand that looks like a major marketing blast from the past, it’s time to update. Partner with a professional design team to bring your look up to the 21st century with innovative, yet purposeful, accents and detailing.
  • Bring in modern technology – whenever possible, incorporate technologic innovations throughout your trade show booths to hold the crowd’s attention. Renting flat screen TV’s to loop company commercials and/or using digital tablets to display promotional presentations and material are just two of the many ways you can use technology to make your company look like the cutting edge leader it is.
  • Offer an exciting giveaway – get creative with giveaway strategies to help give your team a cutting-edge and exciting vibe. Your choice of trade show gifts can make or break your event performance, so make your giveaways count! The best custom printed giveaways are take-home reminders of your new product line or service announcement – often with a unique or out-of-the-ordinary flair. Ensure greater staying power with show giveaways that serve a handy purpose around the home or office. Want to truly think outside the box? Then hold a raffle for a more expensive item that will generate showroom buzz and have guests lining up outside your booth.
  • Get social with your approach – Yes, gathering business cards is still a great way to generate leads. However, today’s entrepreneurs understand the importance of using social media outlets to enhance their competitive edge. Have your Facebook, Twitter and other pages prominently displayed on business cards and even the booth itself as a modern way to connect with your customer base and alert them to where you’ll be exhibiting next!

Trade shows are a fantastic way to promote your brand and bring some visibility to your business. Good planning and preparation will help your display table stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness at your next trade show or event. Contact Scan Display or visit their online shop for some incredible trade show products and ideas guaranteed to get your brand noticed.