Mall Kiosks – The Next Wave of Retail Success

Have you dreamed of owning your very own retail outlet in a mall? Many entrepreneurs do, but even more are put off by the expensive rent that malls demand from their tenants. Now, with small and efficient mall kiosks, you can afford to rent your own retail space in many of South Africa’s leading shopping malls. There is no need to fork over thousands in rent every month. Instead, with a beautifully and effectively designed mall kiosk, you can finally take your products to the South African consumer masses and enjoy unprecedented retail success. (more…)

Importance of Good Marketing Material Printing

Many may disregard the importance of marketing material printing.  Some may even view marketing material printing as just a way of having a material printed, like flyers or brochures, for the product to be known, but they tend to overlook the fact that the quality of its prints has a huge impact in making or breaking a product.  Blurred letters will definitely tire out or irritate the readers before the brochure or flyer serves its purpose.  Would you be willing to read on if you cannot see the letters of what you are reading anymore?  Or would you be delighted to look at the certain product that you cannot make anything out of?  Certainly not!

Marketing material printing takes some strategy and creativeness to convey everything to the target consumer even if it’s just a picture and it will be even better if words are clear and precise.  The printed material for marketing should be readable, effective and has great visual appeal.  There are also companies that concentrate their area of expertise in printing marketing material at a reasonable price.  There are companies that are more than willing to print your brochures and promotional materials, logos, posters, flyers and many more.

More and more companies are engaging in marketing material printing.  Lots of products come out practically every hour or less.  These new products will certainly need introduction to the market scene and what a better way to make it known but to have it on a flyer or a brochure.  It can be showed off without having to drag the product down plus the targeted consumer can always read it at his or her spare time and view the product being introduced.

There are several kinds of material printing.  There is Digital Printing in which a replica of digital images is made on a physical surface.  Digital Printing is usually for personalised printing or erratic data printing.  Also, digital printing does not require printing plates, wastes less paper and chemical and helpful for fast prototyping and cost effective for small print runs.  Next is Hybrid Printing which is a combination of offset and digital printing.  Hybrid printing is highly recommended for letters and gift appeals because it uses only black and white printing which is cheaper than coloured printing as used by coloured digital printing.  Lastly, there is Offset Printing, Letterpress Printing, Flexography and Lithography.

Choosing the right kind of printing depends on the things that you trying to carry out.  You can always ask marketing material printing service provider about the right one for you.  They can give you choices according to your budget, needs, kind of product and area that you wish to spread your campaign material.  Other consideration may also pop-up during the consultation with the service provider to give you full benefit from your marketing material.

Having your marketing material printed takes a good strategy and a lot of creativity to convey your message to the targeted consumer or clients.  Choose wisely, effectively and efficiently in determining the right one for your marketing material printing.

How to Develop a Marketing/Advertising Strategy

If you happen to be a business owner and you are looking to set up a marketing strategy, then you need to know what steps to follow if you want to make sure that your marketing campaign is going to be successful. Setting up a marketing campaign is never an easy task, and no matter how well you know your business or your target market, you always have to find a new and interesting way to approach them.

It happens all too often when companies pick the cliché and run of the mill options for their advertising and marketing campaigns. Whenever you see that, you will often find that they have little impact on the people looking at it and the money spent on the whole thing just goes to waste. When you need to make the most impact for the amount of money you are planning to spend, you have to be smart about where and how you spend it.

The Best Place to Start Is With Your Budget

Your budget basically determines everything you do for your campaign. You need to know exactly how much you can afford to spend on the whole thing, and you need to know where you are going to spend it. Each medium you choose with have a different cost and each medium will have a different reach.

The reach of a medium is the number of people you can communicate with at any given time of the day. Television and radio will normally give you your highest reach, because just about everybody watches or listens to them. Prime time spots would be a lot more expensive than your off-peak hours for example, however if you are going to be using print instead of the television, you can still get the same kind of reach if you were to use a billboard as an example.

Placement Means Everything in Advertising

You could have the best advert in the world, but it won’t do you any good if the idea is never seen by the right people. If a person isn’t looking for your business, there is a good chance that they will just ignore you when it comes to viewing your advertisement. That is why you need to be able to target the right audience, if you want to have the right kind of impact.

Billboards, radio and television all give you the opportunity to communicate to a very large and broad number of people at any given time, however all of those people will be different, and you can never be certain that you will reach each and every one of them; but you can be guaranteed that at least some of them will have some kind of interest, and that kind of advertising can only be done on affordable budget.

Cost-effective Ways to Market and Advertise

It is still possible to get the right kind of reach you are looking for without having to spend that kind of money on your campaign. The trick is to focus your campaign in the right places so that you can narrow down your message, so that it reaches specific people. That way, you can cut out the need for mass advertising via expensive advertising channels and you can personalise your message for the people that are actually looking for you.

To give you an example, you could create a display stand for an exhibition somewhere. An exhibit that has a single purpose in mind would attract the people you are looking for because they are there for something specific. In other words, a homemaker’s expo would have stall holders with display stalls that are relevant to the house and home, and the people attending would be looking for things for their own homes.

Develop a Marketing Strategy That Works

What that all means is you have to be able to work within an allocated budget for your entire marketing plan, and you also need to be able to do so with the highest possible impact for the money you are spending. The only way to do that is by making use of targeted channels that draws the people that are actually looking for you.

Get Branded Cabana Gazebo

Get Branded Cabana Gazebo

Get Branded Cabana Gazebos for Outdoor Event Marketingbranded gazebo

If you would like to get your business brand noticed at an outdoor event, exhibition or expo then you should get a branded Cabana gazebo from us at Scan Display. Our team will assist you to obtain access to a range of advertising and marketing items that are designed to grab the attention of your target audience.

An outdoor gazebo of this kind used for advertising is study and durable while still being light and absolutely versatile. It takes just a few seconds to set up and break down this particular item and its unique style allows you to make the most of the advertising space that is available. The maximum storage height of this product is 1.6m. A great optional extra offered to our clients are the corner triangles which can be affixed to the unit.

The unit itself offers a high peak roof which is highly visible. It is made from aluminium and has a 2m clearance requirement for the roof. It weighs generally a mere 30kg which makes it easy to transport from place to place. We offer 3m and 4m square varieties for you to choose from and can brand the entire unit for you at a cost-effective rate. You can work with our designers to have a unique branding image created, or you can supply your artwork to us in high resolution large format and we will ensure that it is properly placed and printed onto your chosen products for you.

If you have chosen to get a branded Cabana gazebo for your outdoor advertising needs, you should also consider our various other products which will be just as effective. We offer the market access to well designed and reasonably priced marketing items that can be used both indoors and outdoors. We also offer our clients the option of having complete stands for expos and exhibitions created and professionally set up for them. These are branded and fitted with the right lighting, audio visual equipment, furniture, and signage and so on.

Scan Display has many years of experience in the marketing and advertising field and our team is more than well equipped to present you with solutions for all your outdoor marketing needs. By browsing through our extensive range of products on our website, you can see just what we have to offer and can make enquiries about various products that will suit your needs, preferences and budget. When chatting to one of our team members you will discover that the advice and guidance we offer is professional, knowledgeable and with your best interests in mind. Let us know if you have a set budget in mind and we will ensure that options that fit in with this are presented to you.

When looking to get a branded Cabana gazebo, we at Scan Display are just the team to approach for assistance. With our help you can invest in products that you can use for a number of exhibitions and outdoor events in the future too – as long as they are well maintained and looked after.

Marketing Material Hire

The success of a business depend on all of its departments running in harmony, and the marketing division is certainly as important as any other. Marketing materials can be expensive, and an alternative is to hire such materials. Marketing is a creative branch of industry, and includes advertising, distribution and selling. It is also concerned with anticipating the customers’ future needs and wants, which are often discovered through market research, and then persuading him that he needs it. Marketing material hire is an alternative, especially for the emerging business that has yet to set up a large marketing division. A major part of marketing is the trade show, of which there is usually one for each section of industry on an annual basis.

Trade shows are an extremely important slice of the marketing pie, and the only place  where, once a year, a company can place itself right in front of the very people who matter in a particular industry. Having a trade show stand and exposing your business to thousands of potential new clients is a vital part of the marketing budget, and if your company is not yet ready for its own permanent stand, the obvious alternative is marketing material hire. Companies such as ourselves who specialise in trade shows and exhibitions have a wide range of marketing material for hire, including:

  • Display stands
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Computers
  • Brochure stands
  • Banners and posters
  • Counters
  • Pop-ups
  • Teardrops

Take a look at our extensive portfolio to see some of our marketing material. To learn more about hire of our services or materials contact us at +27 11 447 4777

Display Marketing

The display stand at a national or international trade show is part of your overall marketing strategy, and as such must be designed with that in mind. Display stands should make the best possible use of marketing material, and this something that Scan Display can help you with. Our team of professional designers, together with our exhibition architects, can plan and build your display incorporating your marketing material in such a way that you have an outstanding attraction. Scan Display is a market leader in the exhibition industry, and with our help you can have an exhibition stand that will be a crowd-puller and that is possibly in line for an award. Our expertise lies in:

  • Exhibition architecture and services
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Stand building, project management and events
  • Client service
  • Large format printing

With Scan Display handling the project management for your next trade show, your display of marketing material will be used completely effectively. The advantage of putting maximum effort into your trade show display stand is that your company will get more marketing exposure and be more visible to the public. We have a full range of design services, including layout design, graphic design and 3-D design.

Our design team generates display concepts in 3 dimensions so that you can see and approve the development of your display before it goes into production. Not only that, they will also work within your marketing brief and budgets. If you are considering putting a booth into a trade show, give us a call to discuss the matter, and we will be happy to assist you.