Promoting At Markex: Getting the Best Exposure for Your Brand

Promoting At Markex: Getting the Best Exposure for Your Brand

Promoting at big exhibitions and conferences is a great way to get your product or brand out there – and Markex is an event not to be missed.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to man a stand and market their brand making use of the latest marketing material, like banners, podiums and stands. With the thousands that attend every year, it is a great way to grow your brand recognition, and get valuable product and competitor information.

What Is Markex?

markex displayFor 26 years Markex has been a premier exhibition event in South Africa. Located at the Sandton Convention Centre, it specialises in sellers (as well as buyers) of corporate clothing, conference and exhibition venues and solutions, promotional gifts, design and décor as well as event planners and management.

2011 saw over 10,000 visitors attend the event. This is the ideal playground for business owners and entrepreneurs to take advantage of a captive audience. Exhibitions have a strong influence on buying decisions and result in many successful business deals and transactions.

Some of the main attractions of the exhibition include: The annual Road show of the Loerie Awards; USB Speakers Pavilion presenting top business speakers; Pendoring Awards promoting the best in Afrikaans advertising; and the Trade Section where wholesalers and resellers get a personalised setting to conduct business.

Get the Most Out Of Your Marketing

When at a trade show of exhibition you’ll be exposed to a lot of traffic. It’s key to attract them and convert that traffic into sales. Here are some pointers:

  • Have Giveaways – Nothing pulls in a crowd like free stuff. Have giveaways or samples of your product. Once you attract the crowd, get them interested and make the sale. Be prepared to handle volume and don’t let any big fish get away.
  • Competitions – Having a competition or lucky draw is always a good incentive for people to be interested in your booth. With every purchase give them an entry to a big draw prize. It keeps people interested and incentivises sales.
  • Stand Out – Make sure your booth stands out from the rest. Have eye-catching banners and backdrops to attract the consumer. A well situated podium will let them know you’re available to answer questions.

When attending a trade exhibition like Markex, do the research and put in the effort to maximise your returns. It’s a golden opportunity to get your brand or product out there.

Scan – Markex Innovations

Scan – Markex Innovations

The future of exhibitions: fabric graphics and green power

At the recent Markex Jhb exhibition, Scan Display implemented new technology in the form of fabric graphics (called tension fabric systems) and green power. Both of these have positive applications within the exhibition industry, and are expected to become increasingly popular choices for exhibitors.

Markex Fabric

Fabric systems

Earlier this year Scan introduced tension fabric system options, which quickly gained appeal with the South African market. The fabric systems involve printing graphics directly onto fabric, which is then stretched across frames to create a smooth wall that can be back- or front-lit, giving the image a warm look-and-feel. Fabric can be used for large surface areas: at Markex Jhb, Scan used it to create a 5 by 6 metre life-sized backdrop of a Spanish street scene on its stand.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, tension fabric systems are very versatile and can be used in many different spaces. For example, they can be mounted onto existing walls, or stand freely on frames, and can form straight or curved walls.

Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Display, adds: “Tension fabric is more compact when packed away, and far lighter than traditional wood and plastic wall panels. This allows for reduced storage and transport costs. The fabric is also extremely durable, and can be re-used – which is another cost incentive. Advances in technology are very exciting for us, as we are constantly finding ways to offer our clients even better products.”

Green power

Another feature of Scan’s Markex stand which attracted positive feedback was the use of green power. Greening is close to Justin’s heart, and led to his involvement in the formation of the Event Greening Forum last year. The Forum’s primary objective is to promote green principles and practices in the South African events industry.

Justin says; “Going green is a process. You have to start with small changes, and gradually green all elements of your business and day-to -day living. The use of green power at events is one step in the right direction.”

Scan purchased the green power from GreenX Energy in the form of a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). One REC is equivalent to one MWh (or 1000kWh) of power, which was sufficient to run Scan’s stand and three of their clients’ stands for the duration of the show. At the time, one REC cost only R210 ex VAT, which Justin asserts is a nominal cost and a convenient alternative to planting trees in order to reduce your carbon footprint.

The green power is generated from multiple Solar Home Systems (solar photovoltaic panels) owned and operated by the Nuon RAPS utility, and fed directly into the homes of indigent consumers in Northern KZN. Therefore the certificate is notional; while Scan’s stand used Eskom’s power, it purchased an equivalent amount of green power which was used by consumers in KZN.

Marisa Naude, the Marketing and Administration Manager of GreenX Energy, says: “Based on more than eight years of experience in the South African voluntary REC market, we are seeing a steady increase in interest in using RECs for Certified Green Power. Scan Display can be proud of showing leadership in this growing market by using RECs on its stands and encouraging other exhibitors and event organisers to follow suit.”

Media Release – Markex 2010

Media Release – Markex 2010

Scan Display to showcase European innovation at Markex

Exhibitions, events and display specialist, Scan Display, will showcase European innovation in the form of a Modulbox at SA’s premier marketing and promotions trade exhibition, Markex Jhb 2010. The Modulbox was designed in Germany by Mo Systeme, and Scan has the exclusive rights to produce this product in South Africa.

Scan Markex 2010

Scan Markex 2010

The Modulbox has the typical German traits of intelligent design. For example, the closed box forms a 2.45m cube, making it easy to transport. The doors and floor open up or slide out in a variety of set-up combinations to fulfil different requirements, and the process is quick and simple. Additionally, the multiple doors provide a large surface area which lends itself to highly visible branding.

Scan stand - Markex 2009

Scan stand - Markex 2009

The result is a stand-in-a-box exhibition, retail and event solution. It is ideal for outdoor promotions or events, road-shows, exhibitions with limited set-up and break-down times – and more.

Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Display, says: “The Modulbox is very versatile and it was used extensively during the World Cup to create information booths and ticketing kiosks.”

The Modulbox will appear in an urban European scene to enforce the message that it is a product of first class European design, as well as to show it in a functional context.

Other exciting surprises in keeping with the theme have been planned for Markex, to ensure Scan’s stand inspires visitors to the show.

Markex will run from the 24 to 27 of August, at Sandton Convention Centre. You will find the Scan Display stand in Hall 2, stand C27.

For more information, contact Scan Display on +27 11 447 4777 or [email protected]. Alternatively visit or

Trade fairs as an investment

Trade fairs often involve a considerable marketing investment by participating companies. Costs include space rental, design and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations, and promotional literature and items to give to attendees. In addition, costs are incurred at the show for services such as electrical, booth cleaning, internet services, and drayage (also known as material handling). Consequently, cities often promote trade shows as a means of economic development. Exhibitors attending the event are required to use an exhibitor manual or online exhibitor manual to order their required services and complete any necessary paperwork such as health and safety declarations. Contact us at +27 11 447 4777 for more information about our products and services.

The Editor’s Note

About 60% of South Africa’s Blue Crane population resides in the Western Cape. Here the birds favour farmlands, particularly pastures and wheat plantations, above the indigenous Fynbos habitat. But climate change threatens this unusual success story. The western parts of our country are expected to be most hard hit by the extreme weather conditions that climate change brings, and existing agricultural practices could become economically unviable, with detrimental effects for the cranes.

Kerryn Morrison manages the ICF/EWT Partnership for African Cranes and, together with her passionate team of crane conservationists, is carefully monitoring the Western Cape’s Blue Cranes so that we can react to the signs of climate change well in advance of it becoming an insurmountable problem.

When I asked Kerryn how she came to be so passionate about cranes, she said they are a perfect flagship species that can be used to highlight environmental issues to people and so change environmentally destructive behaviour. Kerryn was just four years old when her nursery school teacher predicted she would work with animals, and she has never wanted to be anything other than a conservationist. Her dedication is not without reward, and she has received broad acclaim for her exceptional dedication to crane conservation, and is recognised as being instrumental in combating the trade in cranes that takes place throughout Africa on a daily basis. We are extremely proud of being able to say that Kerryn has grown her career with the EWT since 1995.

We will be celebrating the success of our crane conservationists on World Environment Day, on 5 June, with this year’s theme being ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change’. Learn more about this day and other EWT climate change projects by entering our online competition , open only to our loyal supporters, and stand in line to win a fabulous getaway to a South African destination.

– The Editor

The EWT at Nampo Harvest Day 2009

Every year the NAMPO Harvest Day provides the EWT with an opportunity to engage with visitors on conservation issues and projects, talk about problems and solutions, distribute educational materials to farmers, school groups and the like and promote the EWT as a whole. This year was no different. Click here to read more.

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