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Fabric System Branding | Fabric Printing

High Impact Fabric System Branding


Many exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions in South Africa are today choosing to make use of fabric systems for their show stands and display purposes. One of the reasons that these display units have become so popular is the fact that the branding options make use of the latest printing technology which allows for vibrant, high definition photography and product branding on the fabric.

Many companies are today choosing to make use of a fabric system for their display needs because these systems are both lightweight and easy to transport. They are also extremely easy to set up and take down. Many of the smaller types of display units can be transported in a handy carry bag which is supplied by the manufacturer.

The fabric used in the display system is extremely durable and branding of this material is both quick and cost-effective. Many companies make the decision to use corporate and brand logos for branding, however, the close weave of the fabric also allows for much more detailed graphics to be displayed. Photographic quality graphics can be depicted on the fabric and this allows almost any image to be printed onto it.

The manufacturer will usually be able to supply a wide variety of different graphics for use with the fabric display system. The company can also ask for assistance from their advertising or marketing agency to source appropriate graphics from any one of the many graphic libraries that are today available either through the use of the Internet or from specialist image banks. There is usually a cost involved in using these images and the marketing agency will be able to inform the company of this cost and the conditions attached to the use of the image.

Fabric System BrandingSpecialised modern printing equipment and technology can today be used to transfer almost any size of image onto a fabric display unit. This image can be used on a single panel or broken up into parts in order to maximise the size of the image which can be printed over several panels.

Fabric system branding can also be used to provide printing on both sides of a fabric panel. This double sided printing is extremely effective in the trade show and exhibition environment, especially where the show stand is situated in the centre of the exhibition space. The use of double sided printing on display units maximises the impact of the available printing area.

Attention Grabbing Printing for Show Stands

In the trade show and exhibition environment the visitor is usually overwhelmed by the sheer number of different companies that are vying for his or her attention. One of the most cost effective ways that exhibitors can make sure that the passing foot traffic notices their stand and takes the time to interact with the show stand personnel is to make sure that the fabric printing that they are using in the branding of their display system is highly visible and of the highest quality.

One of the ways to ensure that the printing on the fabric is effective is to make full use of the cutting edge technology that is today used to print images and branding on display units. Any company that restricts itself to a simple logo or product payoff line is not making full use of the possibilities of today’s fabric printing technology.

Fabric system branding can now take advantage of s full palette of colours and high resolution photo realistic printing to ensure that the potential customer is attracted to the show stand. New generation printers are today able to print extremely large images using inks that are weather resistant and will continue to be vibrant even after repeated appearances at a variety of different trade shows and exhibitions.

Graphic Artists And Brochure Design Printing

As part of the brochure design printing services that you get from your printing supplier, make sure that you will have access to a qualified graphic designer. A graphic designer will be able to assist you with their creative skills in creating an attractive brochure that will include all the information as well as images that you require. In addition to this, the graphic designer can assist you in originate any new logos or images to improve on the current designs that your company may be using.

Make sure that you get the full use of a graphic designer as part of your brochure printing services and contact us for assistance today.

A Full Range Of Brochure Printing Services

Before you approach a brochure printing services provider, make sure that you have all the information that you would like included in the end product. This should include the history of your company as well as its current standing. A list of services and products should also be incorporated into your brochure as well as any value added benefits that you may offer. It is also important to make sure that all the information is factually correct and that the document has been proofed to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.


For a full range of brochure printing services including the editing and proofing of any written information to be included in the product, please contact us.

A Professional Brochure Printing Company

Having pamphlets designed and printed is very different from having brochures created for your company. Brochures reflect the image of your company and are aimed at building long term business relationships. Pamphlets on the other hand are there to make consumers and the public aware of what business you are in and what products or services you offer. It is therefore very important to choose a professional brochure printing company to ensure that your enterprise is reflected in the right light.

For a reliable brochure printing company that knows the importance of getting the design and quality of your brochures just right, simply contact us.

Large Format Digital Printing

Large Format Digital Printing For Marketing Purposes


Large format digital printing is a form of printing for large images that are used on billboards, signage and so on. Not just any printer can be used for this type of printing and a special type of ink must still be used.

When looking into large format digital printing for your business or marketing purposes, make sure that you chat to the professionals in the field. Take the time to learn more about the pros and cons before going ahead. Scan Display is a trusted large format digital printer in South Africa. Contact Scan Display of visit their website for more information and advice on their services today.

Advertising Banner Printing Considerations

If you wish to get the best possible quality and visibility with your banners, it is essential to select a company experienced in various types of advertising banner printing. The fabrics used, type of lettering, size of the banner, colours used, and the visibility requirements must all be taken into consideration when designing an advert lay-out for the banner. The printing company must also ensure that the type of printing technique used is suitable for the specific medium. Another consideration is whether the banner will be used indoors or outdoors and finally one must also consider the cost involved before selecting a printing company.