When thinking of display cases to be used at trade exhibitions, you may immediately think of the horizontal counter types. Although extremely important and also in our stock, the counter types are not the only display cases used at trade shows.

The vertical glass types are ideal for effective displays which need to be seen from far and which cannot take up a lot of space. You may want to display electronic equipment, cell phones, handguns, crystals and many other types of items which you need to keep safe while still being able to present them in an attractive way. As such the vertical types are perfect and well suited for booths where space is limited.

Another consideration when selecting the case is that of mobility. Even with the strongest guys around, you will not want to pick up a glass case and move it around. For safety reasons and of course also convenience, we fit the displays cases with wheels. Naturally you will want to ensure that the cases don’t move around once in place. With that in mind the cases also come with wheels that can be in lock position to prevent accidental moving.

Apart from the various cases that you can purchase from us, we also provide a rental option. If you plan an exhibition in for instance, Johannesburg while your main office is in Cape Town, it would hardly make sense to bring all the display equipment along to the exhibition. You will thus benefit from the option to rent rather than having to purchase in such an instance.

We offer a wide range of display cases to select from in addition to other trade exhibition equipment including that of furniture, banner stands, brochure stands, lights, and audio-visual equipment. View our display showcases and contact us for a quote and assistance today.