Full Colour Gazebos Available in Various Sizes for Outdoor Advertising

If you are attending a sports day, outdoor event, exhibition, expo or similar and want to ensure that your target audience sees your brand and business image precisely the way you want them to, then you will simply love what we have to offer at Scan Display. We offer full colour gazebos in various sizes to the market along with a variety of other products that compliment these perfectly.

When we present you with our different gazebos you will undoubtedly find the various types and styles of interest – you will see that the material used is of an excellent quality and can be expected to withstand exposure to the elements with fading or cracking. You will be able to choose the unit that best suits your needs and the type of event that you are attending. Our designers can work closely with you to create an image and brand to print onto your unit, or you can supply us with the artwork in high resolution large format and we will make sure that it is correctly printed onto your unit.

Our gazebos are designed to offer a sturdy aluminium frame and the materials that we use are of the highest possible quality. While each unit has its own design, the leg units usually consist of two sliding parts and can weigh generally anything from 12kg to 30kg. This lightweight design ensures that each unit can be easily transported from one location to another and is most simple to set up and pack away. The convenience of these units is one of the reasons why they are so popular for outdoor advertising as well as providing shelter from the wind, shade and potential rain.

We offer both standard and deluxe versions of these units and can customise the look and feel according to your needs and requirements. We are an experienced team that will offer you knowledgeable information and advice on any of our products that might interest you. We have won awards for custom stand designs and received recognition for our exhibition architecture and services, large format printing, project management, graphic design and so much more. We have worked at many large events such as the 2010 Soccer World Cup Public Viewing area in Johannesburg and similar.

A close look at our catalogue will show you that we have a great deal to offer. Some of our other outdoor advertising items include the likes of pop up banners, flags, brochure stands, show cases, poster displays, portable stands, outdoor displays, furniture, audio visual equipment, flooring and so much more. Each of these items can also be provided in a variety of colours and sizes and we can also brand them appropriately for you.

You will find our team members to be friendly, approachable and eager to assist you in not only choosing from full colour gazebos that we have available in various sizes, but also with your design, planning and set up of your display area. A complete exhibition solution can be obtained from us at Scan Display if you are willing to chat to our team and let us know what you are looking for. We have a great gallery where you can view items that we offer and past completed tasks. You can easily place your order and make enquiries online for your convenience.

At Scan Display we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in full colour gazebos in various sizes at an affordable rate. Benefit from top quality products provided by us at Scan Display without delay and reap the rewards of effective advertising at your next outdoor event.