Not only wedding reception ceremonies necessitate seating, you will also want to consider furniture for hire options when planning an expo or planning to exhibit at an expo. Apart from the normal plastic chairs used for large numbers of people at a presentation, you will also want to consider couches, tables, client seats, and showcases that are available through our furniture for hire division.

Why consider the furniture for hire option?

For one, it is quite expensive to purchase furniture for every exhibition and to transport the furniture from one place to another, not to mention the damage that may occur during transport and storage. It simply makes more sense to get furniture at an incredibly low price for an exhibition. The furniture can be delivered and picked up.

Just think of the time savings and you will already know that it is the best option for any exhibitor.

Considering the cost of furniture maintenance and the time involved in shopping for appropriate furniture, the idea of renting high quality furniture for an exhibit makes even more sense. Although clients often require customized stands and banners, they rather opt to rent furniture simply because of the logistics involved in keeping their own exhibition furniture.

We offer from tables and chairs to stands and you can thus setup an exhibition in Johannesburg while coming from another location at a cost effective price. View our products and services categories to get an idea of what we offer and contact us today to discuss your particular furniture for hire requirements and to obtain a quote from us.