Outdoor Branding

Outdoor Branding Products for Applications Ranging from Exhibitions to Sponsored Events

Outdoor branding is just as important as in-store or exhibition stand branding. However, the materials and products used indoors cannot always work outdoors. Sun exposure, wind, rain, and general exposure to outdoor elements should be considered. You want products that are perfectly suited to be used in all weather conditions.

Perhaps you are planning to exhibit at one of the upcoming events listed below:

  • Africa’s Travel Indaba (May 2019)
  • We Are Africa (May 2019)
  • Manufacturing Expo (June 2019)
  • Professional Beauty Exhibition (September 2019)

If so, you will want superior quality products to get your brand message across. Of course, the same products to be used at the above exhibitions can be utilised at your corporate and sponsored events. Indeed, use your next charity run or golf day to build brand awareness with the products introduced below.

Telescopic Banner

This type of banner folds up to be extremely small. It is lightweight in design and takes up little space when not in use. Simply pull out the shaft and you have a highly visible flag type of banner. Due to its design, the banner is highly visible and flexible enough to withstand strong winds.

Popup Frame

Use the popup frame to gain brand exposure on two sides. It is perfectly suited for use on grass surfaces. The fabric is washable and the frame design makes the changing of brand messages a breeze.

Banner Wall

Now, you can have an attractive banner wall system for indoor applications. The outdoor stand can be erected quickly. Even though it has a light frame for easy transportation and more mobility, the banner wall stand is sturdy enough to be used outdoors. When folded, it takes up little space, which is useful for transporting or storing your exhibition products in a small storage space.

Flag Fountain

Do you want to add flair and more visibility to your flag displays? Use our flag fountain system, which allows multiple flags to be displayed at the same space.


As popular today as when the design first made its appearance in the outdoor branding arena, the sharkfin is as suitable for exhibitions as it is for realtor shows, product launches, and sponsored events.


When it comes to outdoor events, you want a product display area that protects against the weather elements. Our lightweight gazebo structure can be erected quickly without any special tools and it is sturdy enough to hold its own against winds.

View our full range of outdoor branding products and get in touch for more information.

Promotional Banners at its Best!

Promotional banners give your advertising budget the most effective, affordable way to reach potential customers. Promotional banners designed by Scan Display can be put almost anywhere. The effective use of logos, colour, slogans and messages can reach people that you never thought you could on your budget.

Decals, car banners and a wide variety of display banners are available at the places where promotional banners are printed. They can usually provide you with assistance designing your logo and banner. Most promotional banners can be printed and ready to display in a few days. Online promotional banner printers can often have them on your doorstep within a week.

Advertising events, special sales, new products and items that need more description than the packaging can provide are all good candidates for promotional banners. Large companies, small businesses and individuals can benefit from the convenience, affordability and effectiveness of promotional banners.

Point of sale banners are used on product displays. They advertise a special sale on the item or they can provide more information that the consumer needs to know. Health benefits of a product, recipe suggestions, gift ideas and company websites are all good messages to provide customers on point of sale promotional banners.

Community groups and organisers can get the word out about their fundraisers and special events easily with promotional banners. Many grocery, convenience and department stores are willing to display promotional banners for local sports teams, children’s groups and charity activities. Groups with tight budgets, like animal shelters and churches, can really benefit from the advertising of promotional banners.

Community events like job fairs, festivals, and arts and crafts sales often offer local businesses a booth at their event. Even the smallest business will look professional if their booth is adorned with promotional banners. Don’t miss out on all those potential customers just because you can’t afford advertising. Booths at these events are normally quite an affordable and effective form of marketing. With a promotional banner and a few pieces of literature or give away items, your company can stand toe to toe with the largest company in town and be proud.

Be sure to place your promotional banners where they can easily be seen. If you put them on the side of the road, be sure the print is large enough to be read by passing drivers. Also, place them far enough from your entrance that drivers can stop before they pass you by. More people will stop than are willing to turn around and come back.

Be sure to take down any signs you post around the city when your event or sale is over. If customers come two months after your sale it is no good for you or for them. Many towns and cities have passed ordinances restricting promotional banners. Find out the laws that apply in your area to avoid a fine. Also, too many promotional banners can be considered litter. Respectfully removing your banners in a timely manner will prevent more cities from banning them in the first place.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are both part of the same family. Each cannot work efficiently without the other; but marketing is a much broader process than advertising. Marketing is the process of recognising what the consumer wants, and in turn making a product so that those wants are satisfied. The procedure followed by Scan Display includes advertising as well as the distribution and selling of a product or of a service.

On the other hand advertising is the publication of a message by a sponsor or the promotion by a company of its’ products to its’ existing and potential customers.

Marketing is the attempt by a supplier to influence demand; and it is everything that an entity does to make easy an exchange between itself and its’ potential customers.

Scan Display is a company which specialises in display, especially in the realm of the exhibition and trade show; but not just there. They have a number of new products which can assist with your marketing and advertising.

You can take a look at many of these products as well as a large portfolio of some of their work on their website at www.scandisplay.co.za. Their team of experts in the display field are there to assist you with any of your marketing and advertising needs.

Using Banners To Boost Your Business

One of the oldest ways of getting your message across to others is through the use of banners. They certainly go back beyond medieval times – of course, very few people could read in those days, so banners tended to be pictorial – and the earliest ones were heraldic and carried the “coats of arms” of noblemen.

Throughout the ages, banners have continued to be one of the better ways of getting a message across to others, as they do to this very day, and will continue to do so. We see them every day on websites, newspapers and magazines, church fetes and protest marches – in fact, just about everywhere. The traditional outdoor banner is about a metre high and is several metres long. It usually bears a message in large letters.

Over recent years several new forms of banner advertising have appeared on the market, namely the teardrop and the electronic banners. The latter may regularly be seen on the outer rim of rugby and soccer fields and of cricket pitches. The beauty of the electronic banner is that it can be programmed to change its’ message at regular intervals – a good way of getting more than one message across from one banner.

A Brochure Stand On Your Display Unit

An excellent way of getting your message over to the public at a trade show is to have a brochure stand on your display.

A brochure is an effective way of promoting ideas, products, and services, and even your company. More often however, a brochure used in marketing is made to steer customers towards a particular product or service.

It is very important thus to make sure that the pamphlet in question catches the eyes of potential clients, and as such, a lot of thought has to be given regarding its’ design. It has to be printed with bright colours and with pictures which complement those colours and each other.

With this in mind, it is always wise to engage the services of a company which specialises in the design of such items. The overall design of your display stand is of the utmost importance.

A company going by the name of Scan Display offers a full range of design services, including the layout of your display, 3D design, and graphic design.

Their professional design team produces display models so that clients can see and endorse the design of their displays before production. One of the things that they can include in their design is to incorporate a brochure stand into the display, and to design the brochures as well. This design company specialises in the design of stands for trade fairs and exhibitions and will most definitely be able to help you with your advertising and marketing campaign.

Get Advertising For Your Company from the Experts

When you mention the word “advertising”, one’s thoughts immediately turn to a modern office, full of graphic designers and copy writers, all running hither and thither trying to meet deadlines and so on. Few actually realise that advertising has been around for literally thousands of years.

It was certainly used in Roman times, and in ancient Arabia, and became more widespread when printing was developed from the 15th century onwards.

Advertising today accounts for a turnover of nearly $150 billion a year in the United States alone – it is big business!

Advertising is the way in which https://www.scandisplay.co.za can help you convey information about your goods or services to prospective customers. You can do this through a number of different media – newspapers, billboards, television, the cinema, radio, movies, magazines, video games, the Internet, telephone messages, and even clothing. In fact, anything that can carry a message and that can be seen or heard by a prospective client or purchaser, is today considered an acceptable method of carrying advertising.

Scan Display is a specialist provider of display, exhibition, and presentation products, and are the experts to contact if you are having any thoughts of exhibiting any of your products or services at a trade show or the like.

Scan Display has a large team of experts who specialise in display advertising and in producing powerful display solutions, and they will be more than happy to help you with all your advertising needs and requests.

Banner Advertising to Get Your Message Across

You will see a lot of banner advertising these days being displayed in places which attract large crowds – places such as exhibitions, displays, retail stores, and trade shows, and increasing use is also being made of this type of advertising at sports venues such as cricket and rugby matches.

The traditional banner is made of cloth or plastic material and is several metres long and a little under a metre high; even though they may also be the same shape, they are made different by being turned through 90 degrees, or even square shaped.

A banner should always be placed in a location where the maximum number of people can see it. There is an extensive range of banner-types types available in the market for use in the advertising of products and services, but portable banner stands are still one of the most common.

One of the most popular banner-type in Southern Africa is the teardrop banner, but electronic banner boards are fast-becoming increasingly popular at sports stadiums today.

If you want to invest in a little banner advertising and are not a graphic designer yourself, Scan Display is a company of professionals who will be more than willing to assist you. They have a wide range of advertising products including banners and a team of expert graphic designers to discuss the matter with you.

You can see some excellent examples of these products and a portfolio of their work on their website:

Scan Display, whose head office is in Rosebank, Johannesburg, is a market leader in Southern Africa, and has the support of a global network.