Advertising Displays

The exhibition stand can be improved through effective advertising displays and become powerful marketing tools. We offer various advertising displaysto liven up exhibition booths and help to attract your target audience. From literature stands to pole and portable stands, as well as pop-ups and roll-ups help to create attractive booths.

A few guidelines on the selection of advertising displays are briefly shared below to help you select the most appropriate equipment for your display purposes.

Pop-up stands

The pop-up stands are compact in design, can be moved around and assembled in no time at all. Pop-up stands are also extremely affordable, making them the ideal display tools for exhibitors who will have to display at one place and then move to another the next day.

Custom stands

The custom stands are larger and not really movable. You will select custom stands for once off trade shows, large events where you will be sure that the stand will not have to be moved, and when you want to make sure that your booth can handle your particular display.

Banner stands

Banner stands are often used when you simply want to create a small display at various venues. The banner stands are light and can be carried in bags.

The most effective advertising displays are simple and have little or no distraction qualities. You want the visitor to focus on a single message or product rather than bombarding the visitor with an overload of information. Contact us for more information about the various stands, sales, and rental options today.

Banner Advertising Benefits For The Exhibitor

Banner Advertising Benefits For The Exhibitor

Banner advertising is cheaper than most other visual advertising methods, yet, highly effective. Banners are lightweight in design, making for easy setup, packing, storage, and transport. The high visibility of banner advertising enables the exhibitor to draw attention to a booth, product, brand or service. Banner advertising units are durable and can be used many times. The return on marketing spending is thus worth the investment. The application range of banner advertising is extensive ensuring that just about any business will benefit from some form of banner advertising. Scan Display offers a wide variety ranging from banner walls to pop-ups, roll-ups, flags, and hurricane types.

How to select banner stands to suit your purpose

With a wide variety of banner stands available, you may find it difficult to make the correct choice. A few pointers for the selection of banner stands are briefly shared below.

Consider how many times the specific banner stands will be used, where and how you want to erect the stands. Decide whether you will want to change the graphics of the display for various events or whether it should stay the same. Also consider whether it is important for that banner stands to fit within specific spaces such as the shell schemes. If the banner stands are to be used outdoors, you will need printing that can withstand sunlight. If the banner must be displayed close to wall areas, consider the types that can lean backwards. If the banners will be displayed next to various others for the creation of a special effect, select the types that will not show gaps in between. The final consideration is how long you want the banners to last.