How to Market Your Business Using Custom Banner & Flags

You’ve done it all, you got the business going and maybe it has been going for a long time, but you just don’t seem to be attracting your target market. That’s when you know it’s time to up the stakes and revamp your marketing strategies by making use of custom banners and flags!  It’s definitely one of the more popular advertising ideas on the market today and it is mainly because it is so cost-effective.

They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and innovative designs and can be used as banner signage on your own building or continuous flags along your display front. Anything that catches the eye of your potential customers will be a winner, but you have to be clever about your strategy. Colour also plays an important role in how you communicate with people, and to give you an example using greens, yellows and blue have been shown to improve the way people receive a message

Remember Not to Go Overboard with Your Design

Something that distracts the eye or stresses it will not achieve your desired outcome, which is why you need to keep it simple but innovative and strive to get your product or service across effectively. The artwork should reflect your business products or services innovatively. For effective marketing remember that the closer the customer, the smaller the display and vice versa.

This does not mean that your banner, brochure or stands should have miniscule size type fonts or be the size of a credit card just because people walk past it. Keep it in proportion and try to be as effective as possible depending on the circumstances. Using a kiosk, for example, will require smaller but more plentiful marketing material. Road signage requires less but will need to be larger.

It’s Easier to Use Custom Banners & Flags

If you have a product or service to promote in various places at different times, then a portable solution would be best for you. ‘Quick Ups’ (easy bending poles and fabric) and ‘Roll Up’ banners are easy to use. They are lightweight and easy to set up wherever you happen to be. This makes promotions possible in several areas simultaneously.

All these banners, flags and promotional ideas are custom made to suit your business. Whether your business is ‘quirky’ and fun or more serious in nature, there’s a promotional product for you. In the end, whatever you choose must reflect your business in an interesting way. Marketing your business with custom banners and flags is definitely the way to go.

Banner and Flags to Get Exposure and Brand Recognition

Banner and flags provided by are the ideal way to get exposure and brand recognition and also advertise your product to your target market. Indoor and outdoor flags and banners are the perfect marketing tool that can be used at sporting events as well as exhibitions. Advertising is an integral part of marketing a business and visuals such as banners and flags advertising play an important role.

In order to draw attention and draw a crowd, you need to make use of an advertising tool that is eye catching of which banners are the perfect fit. There are several benefits using banners and flags if you have a business and want the opportunity to showcase your business at an event. Banners are quick and simple to order and make up as they are made from vinyl.

Get Your Outdoor Advertising Done Fast and Effective

This is an option that won’t let you down, especially if you need a banner quickly. No matter if you need to upgrade your products or change your products, it is simple and quick to produce more banners. Banners and flags are long lasting, durable and tough, and if you attend many exhibitions, you will be able to make use of the same banners many times over.

If you do extensive outdoor advertising, your banners need to be weather resistant and should not tear or fade. You can save on costs when using strong durable banners that will last for a long period of time. Indoor and outdoor banners are easy to install and easy to set up, as they are essentially a basic aluminium frame and vinyl, which are lightweight and east to transport.

When time is of the essence, you don’t want to waste time setting up, once you have unpacked your banners and flags adverting, it will take you a matter of minutes to display, and when packing up, they are easy to collapse and pack away. Marketing banners and flags are extremely cost effective, as they are quick and easy to manufacture. From large businesses to small self owned businesses, banner marketing is eye catching. They come in various sizes and shapes and their versatility allows the various brands to make their mark separately.

The Versatility of Banner and Flags Advertising

Marketing flags and banners are extremely versatile and can be customized to suit your needs. Banners will definitely make you stand out from your competitors at an event or exhibition. Especially when promoting your business at an outdoor event, banners are a pivotal marketing tool. When running a business brand awareness is important, and you want your brand to stand out. Put you name out there for all to see and get noticed.

The two most long lasting tools used in marketing and advertising is banners and flags advertising. Making use of such tools to your advantage is essential when building a marketing strategy. The majority of these flags and banners are displayed in store fronts and on poles and are also utilized to promote products. The major advantage of using flags and banners for outdoor advertising is that they are highly visible. You can promote your business in multiple locations at the same time.

Banner Printing Solutions That Will Get Your Business and Brand Noticed

Marketing and advertising your business can be quite a difficult task if you aren’t sure where to start. At Scan Display we have a wide range of options to offer you, for your convenience. We specialise in products designed and created for use at trade fairs and exhibitions. Display advertising plays a very important role at these types of events and can be what has your business noticed, or forgotten about. We offer banner printing solutions to the market that will be affordable, of an excellent quality and certainly get your company noticed. What’s more is that we are always adding to and improving on our range, to ensure that you are presented with only the best at all times.

On our catalogue you will notice that we offer single sided and double sided print options and we can even create the actual design for you. Our team is experienced and professional which means that you can expect for your design to be eye-catching and effective. Many leading companies in the country such as Telkom, ABSA and Investec have entrusted this form of advertising to us since 1996 as a result of our customer services, value for money and product quality.

When choosing to have your advertising material designed and manufactured by us, keep in mind that we have our own in-house printers which has its benefits. For starters you will not need to wait around for an estimate on the printing cost and we can handle regular and last minute orders accurately and efficiently. We also can advise you on the exact capabilities of our team. If there is something specific that you would like to have done, simply chat with our team members who will ensure that you are quoted and advised accordingly.

All of the banners and printed advertising displays that we present to the market make use of the finest fabric and aluminium frames, and also sport an easy-to-setup design. It is our aim to provide you with a product that doesn’t cost a fortune to create; looks absolutely great and is convenient to transport from one site to the next while being just as easy and convenient to set up / install. Our aim is to ensure that when attending an exhibition or trade fair that your brand is noticed and stands out from your competition.

Of course this is not all that we can arrange for your exhibition or display. We also create and supply complete stands, audio visual equipment setups, portable displays, lighting, furniture, showcases, and counters and so on. Our product offering is quite extensive and we are always happy to assist you with sourcing additional products and accessories that you might require.

What’s more is that you can shop online for all your advertising and marketing material required. Each of our products is detailed on our website and artwork for prints can be sent to us via email. There is no need to leave your office to organise anything with us, and you can expect for your products to be completed and delivered promptly. While we work quickly, there is never reason to believe that we will compromise on value for money and overall product quality. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the products that represent your company and brand are of a quality that would be acceptable to our company and brand.

At Scan Display we offer banner printing solutions that will save you money and earn you the attention of your potential clients. Chat to one of our team members about your specific requirements and allow us to quote you on the services and products that you require. You are bound to be absolutely delighted at what we can do for you.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are both part of the same family. Each cannot work efficiently without the other; but marketing is a much broader process than advertising. Marketing is the process of recognising what the consumer wants, and in turn making a product so that those wants are satisfied. The procedure followed by Scan Display includes advertising as well as the distribution and selling of a product or of a service.

On the other hand advertising is the publication of a message by a sponsor or the promotion by a company of its’ products to its’ existing and potential customers.

Marketing is the attempt by a supplier to influence demand; and it is everything that an entity does to make easy an exchange between itself and its’ potential customers.

Scan Display is a company which specialises in display, especially in the realm of the exhibition and trade show; but not just there. They have a number of new products which can assist with your marketing and advertising.

You can take a look at many of these products as well as a large portfolio of some of their work on their website at Their team of experts in the display field are there to assist you with any of your marketing and advertising needs.

Using Banners To Boost Your Business

One of the oldest ways of getting your message across to others is through the use of banners. They certainly go back beyond medieval times – of course, very few people could read in those days, so banners tended to be pictorial – and the earliest ones were heraldic and carried the “coats of arms” of noblemen.

Throughout the ages, banners have continued to be one of the better ways of getting a message across to others, as they do to this very day, and will continue to do so. We see them every day on websites, newspapers and magazines, church fetes and protest marches – in fact, just about everywhere. The traditional outdoor banner is about a metre high and is several metres long. It usually bears a message in large letters.

Over recent years several new forms of banner advertising have appeared on the market, namely the teardrop and the electronic banners. The latter may regularly be seen on the outer rim of rugby and soccer fields and of cricket pitches. The beauty of the electronic banner is that it can be programmed to change its’ message at regular intervals – a good way of getting more than one message across from one banner.

A Brochure Stand On Your Display Unit

An excellent way of getting your message over to the public at a trade show is to have a brochure stand on your display.

A brochure is an effective way of promoting ideas, products, and services, and even your company. More often however, a brochure used in marketing is made to steer customers towards a particular product or service.

It is very important thus to make sure that the pamphlet in question catches the eyes of potential clients, and as such, a lot of thought has to be given regarding its’ design. It has to be printed with bright colours and with pictures which complement those colours and each other.

With this in mind, it is always wise to engage the services of a company which specialises in the design of such items. The overall design of your display stand is of the utmost importance.

A company going by the name of Scan Display offers a full range of design services, including the layout of your display, 3D design, and graphic design.

Their professional design team produces display models so that clients can see and endorse the design of their displays before production. One of the things that they can include in their design is to incorporate a brochure stand into the display, and to design the brochures as well. This design company specialises in the design of stands for trade fairs and exhibitions and will most definitely be able to help you with your advertising and marketing campaign.

Outdoor Branding the Cost Effective Way

Outdoor Branding the Cost Effective Way

When it comes to outdoor branding it often boils down to a whole new ball game. The reason for that is purely because the costs often begin to escalate the bigger you go. The more repetition you have, the larger your board and the better the location all affect the price you pay for the advertising.

Of course you want the best exposure possible but your budget might not allow you to get the job done effectively. If that happens, you need to find ways to scale down your communication, while still being able to create the impact necessary to make people remember who you are. If you can’t afford to create a big sign that is posted on a highway billboard, you will need to opt for smaller more repetitive measures.

Promotional Flags and Banners are Ideal

Outdoor Branding The cost of using promotional flags and banners is usually quite cost effective and you can create as many of them as you want, or at least as many as your budget will allow. They are both light and mobile so you don’t have to get stuck with a single location and if you really want to get in to places with lots of traffic, you can target busy roadsides or set up a stand somewhere inside a shopping mall on a busy Saturday.

With the affordability of the flags, you can create a whole lot more of them than you would with any other form of advertising. You can then use them on a number of different street corners or perhaps along the drop-off zone where kids go to school. It would need to be a relevant location of course so it’s important to pick your spots well.

If you are offering a multivitamin for kids then the mall and outside the school would be ideal but it won’t be such a good idea to place it at a gaming conference.

Outdoor Branding is the Way to Get Out There

It’s important to get as much exposure as you possibly can and by placing an advert for your business on a big outdoor sign is a good way to do it. If you can’t afford to rent the advertising space of a big billboard, try to consider alternative options. You can find something that is cost effective and simple without losing the required effect.

All it takes is a little creative thinking and a clever application of the cheaper mediums available and you can turn your outdoor branding campaign into a successful one no matter what your budget is.