Stand out from the crowd

Do you ever wonder when visiting an expo who are the innovators behind these creative exhibition stands? Who do you approach if you want your stand designed for maximum impact and visual appeal? As part of your marketing strategy this can be a tedious logistical exercise if you try and attempt this on your own. It is for this reason that a company like Scan Display specialises in designing and building eye catching display stands that promote you as a client, display your image attractively and give you advice on the construction process from start to finish.

Having your presence at an exhibition gives you the opportunity to cultivate new relationships with potential clients, identify new suppliers, demonstrate your products and services as well as check on what your competitors are up to. Whatever you want to achieve through exhibiting, remember that your company’s image and visual identity need to be at their best in order to attract the right target audience.
Comprised of a team of graphic designers, Scan Display firstly puts together a strategy plan according to your brief which should aim to communicate your company’s corporate culture and identity. With this in mind, your company’s core values will need to be conveyed through the branding and design of your stand. Scan’s design team then develops a model exhibition stand produced in 3D visuals so you can approve it from every angle before it goes to production.

The second important aspect of having an impactful stand is the way your marketing material is displayed. This forms an integral part of your marketing strategy and Scan Display offers a large format printing service that incorporates the effective branding of your stand. As a client you are advised to display your marketing material at your stand in the form of counters, glass display cases, pop-ups, roll-ups, brochure holders, teardrops and furniture.

For instance, many of Scan’s clients hire materials such as audio-visual equipment, computers, banners, posters, furniture and portable architecture to enhance their company’s image through meaningful and enjoyable ways of communicating with customers. According to Alex Hawes, Chairman of Scan Display, a successful exhibition stand has to be accompanied by professional staff that are fully trained to effectively interact with customers. “You cannot place staff to manage your stand who work in merchandising for example as they simply do not possess the right communication skills to market your company,” says Alex. Staff need to be properly motivated and trained to educate clients about the company’s products and services. This is done to elevate the brand in the eye of the consumer and sustain what is already displayed through the striking exhibition stand design.

One such example of Scan’s recent designs includes a “Modulbox” which is a portable retail and exhibition display unit. The unit opens and closes by having all the panels simply open up and slide away which allows for fast set up. Once the ‘Modulbox’ is closed it can be securely locked with your inventory stored inside while being transported to another venue making it a very suitable ‘lock-up and go’ exhibition stand. Alex explains that the “Modulbox” units are precision made and can be custom-designed according to a clients specifications. Manufactured locally, Scan is able to offer competitive pricing for the “Modulbox” in comparison to other conventional exhibition stands.

As a result of its incredible mobility and practicality, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor events such as road shows. In addition to that it also incorporates a branded showroom that can be transported to any location making your marketing initiatives more targeted to your clients. This makes the ‘Modulbox’ an ideal solution for exhibitors due to its many attributes and has won the innovation award at Europshop 2005. Besides that it was also the highlight amongst 10 other ‘Modulbox’ units which toured 21 cities in Germany in the lead-up to the 2006 Soccer World Cup.

Furthermore Scan also provides marquees, carpets and flooring for trade shows, develops floor plan designs and ensures that there is adequate lighting, electrics and air conditioning available. Once the production process of your design stand is complete, it is then assembled at the venue and maintained during the course of the event. On the last day of your display, Scan dismantles your stand and offers to store it if you don’t have available storage facilities. So remember, the next time you are planning to exhibit your company and want to stand out from the crowd, align yourself with exhibition experts such as Scan Display for an impactful advertising platform.