Advertising Material for Car Sales

Take Your Car Dealership to the Net Level with Attention Grabbing Advertising Material

The vehicle trading industry is a very competitive one. Even though there are millions of cars on the roads, the industry is still incredibly competitive. The difference between commission and a lost sale can be something as minute as attention grabbing advertising materials that will lead to car sales.

We are the leading supplier of exhibition stands, poster display, outdoor marketing materials and outdoor displays in southern Africa. By incorporating our advertising material in your dealership’s branding, you will call attention to your dealership and attract new customers. You can draw attention to your specials or services that separate you from your competitors. If you have a special range on offer then it can also work to effectively promote your business.

Incorporating display marketing in in your overall marketing strategy can help you to inexpensively grow your business and boost your car sales. At the heart of your company’s continued growth and success is the effective advertising and marketing of the products that your company has to offer consumers. It’s not always easy choosing the correct marketing and advertising materials to accurately reflect your company’s brand. This is also where we can be of assistance.

Our past and current clients include South African business institutions such as:

  • Nedbank
  • MAN Ferrostaal AG
  • Alberto Culver Mobile Hair Salon, to name only a few

This is reflective of our expertise, experience and passion in helping our clients decide on the best possible advertising materials that will boost your car sales. We specialise in designs of any kind, from full stand and poster designing to the construction and assembly of outdoor advertising mediums. If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective way to create awareness of your brand and products, or your merchandise, then set yourself apart from your competition by employing advertising banner displays in your company’s advertising.

These banners are easy to assemble and take down. They can also be displayed in a number of places in order to maximise the amount of people who are able to view the info that you would like to present to them. This will increase your reach to your target audience. It also brings you far closer to the point of sale than traditional marketing methods would allow for.

The key to creating effective banners that will attract the crowds is to use bright colours along with large fonts that are easy to read and understand. These are all things that we are able to assist you with. Our seasoned designers will work with you to realise your vision and turn it into a reality. Our dedication to customer service excellence has helped us to climb to the top echelon of our industry and we continue to lead the way in outdoor marketing and display advertising in South Africa. If you are looking to use advertising material to boost your car sales then allow us to help you make the best purchasing decision.

Display Marketing

The display stand at a national or international trade show is part of your overall marketing strategy, and as such must be designed with that in mind. Display stands should make the best possible use of marketing material, and this something that Scan Display can help you with. Our team of professional designers, together with our exhibition architects, can plan and build your display incorporating your marketing material in such a way that you have an outstanding attraction. Scan Display is a market leader in the exhibition industry, and with our help you can have an exhibition stand that will be a crowd-puller and that is possibly in line for an award. Our expertise lies in:

  • Exhibition architecture and services
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Stand building, project management and events
  • Client service
  • Large format printing

With Scan Display handling the project management for your next trade show, your display of marketing material will be used completely effectively. The advantage of putting maximum effort into your trade show display stand is that your company will get more marketing exposure and be more visible to the public. We have a full range of design services, including layout design, graphic design and 3-D design.

Our design team generates display concepts in 3 dimensions so that you can see and approve the development of your display before it goes into production. Not only that, they will also work within your marketing brief and budgets. If you are considering putting a booth into a trade show, give us a call to discuss the matter, and we will be happy to assist you.