Display stand contractor

When you make that important decision to employ an exhibition stand contractor to design and build a display stand for you, there are many more services that the contractor performs than just the design and construction of your display stand. When Scan Display takes on such a job, once we have had our first meeting with you we will take on the entire project from beginning to the final breakdown of the display. We will also liaise with the exhibition management to organize the floor space, in fact we will be responsible for the entire project management. This means design of the display, a 3-D mockup for your approval, and the final construction of the display at its venue. We’ll be responsible for furniture hire, lighting and rigging, structural work, audio-visual, interiors, graphics, floor covering and you name it and it will be included in our contract.

Eye Catching Point Of Sale Merchandising Units


One of the easiest ways to ensure that new products or even existing products are differentiated from the competition is by way of innovative point of sale merchandising units. These point of sale displays can today be found in supermarkets and even trade shows across the country and remain firm favourites with marketing departments from a variety of different industries. POS merchandising units are becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective due to the latest developments in the technology used to manufacture the units and the wide range of different materials that can be used for their construction.

Point of sale marketing units can fulfil a variety of different functions. The simpler units consist of a variety of different banner displays that feature information about the product that is being promoted. These display units, although extremely visible offer the potential customer very little opportunity to interact with human beings or sample the product itself. This type of point of sale merchandising unit can promote special offers and has proven extremely effective at differentiating product offerings from the competition on the supermarket shelf

There are other types of point of sale merchandising units which offer the customer or potential customer a more immersive marketing experience. These point of sale units can often be found at supermarkets during high traffic periods such as month end weekends when the majority of consumers make their monthly shopping purchases. Units such as these can feature product displays where consumers are offered the opportunity to sample products or are provided with an opportunity to enjoy special offers or bulk deals.

Even some of the more simple point of sale marketing units which can be assembled in minutes can provide a level surface for the cooking or preparation of samples which can prove extremely effective in motivating buying behaviour amongst consumers. These point of sale units are constructed of lightweight PVC panels or vinyl material that is used to cover a shell constructed of PVC piping.

The wide variety of point of sale merchandising units and the new technology used for the production of these newer display units means that a company can order a unique design from the manufacturer of design solutions. Often these designs will incorporate elements such as vinyl flags or pull up banners which can increase the visual appeal of the point of sale display. This new technology also means that it is easier than ever to incorporate customer artwork into the design of the POS merchandising units. All that is required from the client is a high resolution graphic which will be used during the design and printing of the units.

There are other point of sale merchandising units that are manufactured to position special offers on shelf. These units feature flashers or other devices that draw the attention of the consumer. These units also dispense vouchers that can be redeemed at the till. The use of these units is becoming increasingly popular as competitive pressures on South African manufacturers increases. The newest POS merchandising units feature solutions that can be broken down and set up in a very short period of time. The ease with which these units can be assembled makes then suitable for even the most inexperienced of marketing employees while the hard wearing capabilities of the units makes them suitable for use in high traffic areas such as supermarkets. Many are even weather resistant and can be used outdoors.

Manufacturers like Scan Display can offer companies unique point of sale merchandising units that are suitable for use in a variety of different environments, from outdoor displays to on shelf solutions. These companies can offer point of sale solutions that represent excellent returns on investment and can be reused as and when new products are launched.