Custom-designed Stands Designers

Custom-designed Stands Designers

The Services of Custom-designed Stands Designers

Many companies choose to attend trade shows and exhibitions and these opportunities to showcase products and services are regular events in major cities across South Africa. The sheer number of show stands at these events means that a company must take advantage of the services of professional designers to ensure that the custom-designed stands that they have on display will entice possible buyers to spend some of their limited time reviewing the products and services on display.

New technology, new materials and new computer assisted design software have made it possible to manufacture custom-designed stands that are capable of fulfilling the requirements of the designers and the companies that have retained their services.

These show stands range from the simple fabric system stands which although representing extremely good value for money also take advantage of the latest printing techniques which make it possible to display photographic quality prints of products or backdrops which accentuate the properties of the product or the corporate identity of the company offering the products and services.

The new printing technology provides designers with an opportunity to provide companies with custom-designed fabric systems that are suitable for use in a variety of different venues and events.

Designers of custom-designed stands that are used at exhibitions have also taken advantage of new materials in order to ensure that many of the stands that are today available are extremely easy to transport from venue to venue. The lightweight modular systems which make extensive use of aluminium frames to support either fabric or laminate panels are designed to ensure that erecting the stands is extremely simple. Many variants of these types of stands, such as the Metrolite system available from Scan Display, fold up for transport in a carry bag that will easily fit into the boot of an average sized car.

Designers have ensured that many of the custom-designed stands can have additional units attached to them. This provides the customer with an almost endless variety of different configurations. The ability to add to the stands as and when required also makes investment in this type of stand extremely good value for money. These types of stands have been designed to be enhanced through the addition of other display equipment such as extra lighting, brochure stands, display cases and an assortment of banners, such as the ever popular pull up banner.

Custom-designed stands which have been configured by an expert designer to form the foundation of a modular system also represent an excellent investment due to the fact that in the unlikely event of damage to the tough graphic panels these can be easily replaced without the added expense of replacing the entire unit. The design of modular systems also allows the various components of the professionally designed stands to be used for a variety of different purposes in a variety of different settings, such as awards ceremonies or even sporting events. This further enhances the functionality of these display systems.

Larger custom-designed stands are also extremely popular and the designers of these stands have ensured that they are both extremely eye catching and provide the staff manning these stands with sufficient room to demonstrate products and interact with potential customers in comfort. The framework of these stands can be designed to conform to the corporate identity of the company that will be making use of the stand. Curved surfaces and a variety of shapes are today possible and the services of an expert stand manufacturer and designer will ensure that the stand is an accurate reflection of the quality of the merchandise being promoted. Additional services such as the leasing of chairs, portable flooring and other value added services will ensure that the company purchasing a custom-designed stand will enjoy pride of place amongst exhibitors at both exhibitions and trade shows.