Tips for Displays

One of the most cost effective ways to reach a wide audience within a short period is through displays at trade shows. With thousands of visitors in a matter of days, passing through the exhibition halls, you are bound to receive numerous leads and do excellent sales. This of course will only be the case if you pay close attention to what makes for great displays.

The stand should be eye-catching to ensure that visitors will out of curiosity enter and the message should be clear. Focus only on the main products or services to eliminate the risk of cluttering and confusion with the public. If it will be the first time that you exhibit through displays, get the help of professional designers like us to help create a stunning and visually attractive stand that will not only draw crowds, but help to create sales.

Often overlooked until the last moment, the furniture should be carefully considered. You will want seating, a table, brochure tables, and stands. You can rent the furniture and stands from us, reducing the pressure of getting furniture to the exhibition and having to invest thousands into suitable furniture. We will deliver the furniture and handle the whole display.

Before even considering any displays, you need to visit other trade shows and exhibitions to get a feel of which stands are more attractive than others and work for you. Now incorporate the principles they have followed, and if you make use of our services, feel free to share your ideas.

We also provide the lights, literature stands, audio and visual equipment, ventilation, signage, banners and much more. Contact us today to help you create stunning displays for trade shows.

Making the Right Choice for Your Custom Exhibition Stands and Displays

Custom exhibition stands and displays available from Scan Display are always going to be a careful consideration when you have to purchase and create branding and displays that are specifically suited for your needs. Fortunately, you get a lot of standardised stuff that can be used in a number of different applications and it can be quite versatile in most instances. However you still get plenty occasions where you need specially designed custom exhibition stands and displays that deliver the massage the way it was intended.

To give you an example, the modular systems tend to consist of specific shapes and sizes that include counter tops, display units and display walls. When you have a display area that doesn’t fit an allocated stand size, you often end up having to cut back on a few things, and you begin to lose impact. If you want to attract the right kind of people to your stand and give them the full impact of your business or your products, then you need to be able to create an exhibit that stands out and says the right thing.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions are the Ideal Place

Your business can always do with more exposure and an exhibition or trade show is a great way to put yourself out there for the world to see. All you have to do is get signed up for the next upcoming show and make sure that you have your stand ready for when the big day arrives. If you are uncertain on where to begin, then you need to make sure you start by giving your stand some serious thought.

Once you have planned out a few good ideas for the stand you will need to start looking at the different types of stand options that are available. You may need to put one or two together, just in case you can find the right equipment for your stand. You will usually get the choice between modular systems where you can choose individual units that can be combined together to form your stand.

Custom Exhibition Stands and Displays

A cheaper option would be too looked at the fixed stand packages that include a minimum basic layout that all forms part of a single unit that is quick to set up and take down. If you still can’t get your stand sorted out after all of that, then you can always order custom exhibition stands and displays that will made to spec and you can plan the ultimate stand to stick out amongst the rest of the traders.

Incorporate Displays To Save Money

We offer numerous mobile and portable exhibition solutions allowing the exhibitor to incorporate displays used at previous exhibitions with new displays. Visitors want something that is familiar and something new when they visit your stand at various exhibitions. As such you can incorporate displays to give them both. Items such as pop-up and roll-up banners, shark fins, flags, brochure stands, and gazebos can be re-used in another exhibition. Where you may change the module stand you can for instance, keep the banner wall. When you incorporate displays you save money while also gaining new attention with the unique displays you put on.

Display Showcase

A display showcase will allow any company the opportunity to display their products in a way that makes them easily accessible to both current and potential client. A display showcase can be used in a variety of settings, including exhibitions and showrooms and because many of the more modern display showcases are modular and extremely easy to both assemble and disassemble they are suitable for use by even the novice sales person. In fact even a single person can set up a new display showcase in a matter of minutes.

For more information on how a modern display showcase can improve the presentation of your products, contact us.

Pull Ups For Excellent Exposure

Pull Ups For Excellent Exposure

If you want your point of sale displays to attract customers and build brand loyalty you need to ensure that your point of sale presence stands out from the crowd. One of the ways to do this is to use one of the many banner options available. One of the best and most cost effective is the pull up banner. Pull ups come in a variety of formats and are suitable for both product marketing and corporate positioning. The low cost of production also make pull ups extremely attractive.

For more information on a variety of pull ups, contact us.