Exhibition designers must stay focussed

Professional exhibition designers will recognise the importance of a good first impression for the client. The client will not get a second chance at a trade fair to make that first good impression and as such the display stand should reflect every aspect of superior exhibition design to ensure the overall success of the display. Exhibition designers for instance, should recognize that the artwork should not be the ultimate goal, but rather the tool to effectively portray the client’s products and services. In addition lights, sound, space, lay-out, and point of sale materials should be used to ensure a coherent theme and appearance. There is no room for mistakes. As such select professional exhibition designers such as Scan Display, with a track record of award winning stalls to handle the design of your booth.

Top Sandton Exhibition Designers

Top Sandton Exhibition Designers
Scan Display is one the top Sandton exhibition designers. We offer a wide variety of services and products which include, but are not limited to:
•    Provision of custom, portable, and Unibox stands
•    Provision of a variety of display products such as pop-ups, roll-ups, light boxes, sound equipment, brochure stands, retail merchandising units, outdoor displays, and folding systems.
•    Furniture rentals.
•    Ventilation products.
•    Design and setup of exhibitions and display units.
•    Provision of flooring solutions such as carpets.
•    Project management services.
•    Design and consultation services.
We are also one of the leading Sandton exhibition designers and the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exhibition Designers

Why make use of exhibition designers?

Exhibits entail a lot of visual displays. Design forms an integral part of the displays and you will want professional exhibition designers to handle the project. Thousands of visitors will look at the displays and the professionalism as well as effectiveness of the displays will not go unnoticed. Apart from individual stands and visual displays, exhibition designers take care of floor plan design, electricity, ventilation, air-conditioning, various types of stands setup, and the seamless management of an exhibition. To this end you will want to use exhibition designers to ease the workload, ensure professionalism and to save costs at the end of the day. It is important to select exhibition designers that have a proven track record of completed projects and have a few awards to show as proof of their outstanding work. Select a company such as Scan Display that has the client profile and list of awards to ensure that your exhibition will be a success.

Exhibition Products

Exhibition products available to make for stunning presentations

Scan Display offers a wide range of exhibition products that can be used to ensure that your stand will stand out amongst the thousands of exhibition booths. Pop-ups for instance, are easy to erect, come in various sizes and are the ideal presentation tools to display a billboard type of ad at an exhibition. The pop-ups are foldable and can be transported in a normal vehicle. When you get to the exhibition simply pull at the sides and have it erected. Add your banner display and shape it the way you want. Another one of the exhibition products that will save time is the roll-up. As the name suggests you add a poster which is then rolled up. Simply pull the string and have a professional display. The roll-ups come in the Just-Lite 2, Rolla, Interchangeable, and the Wing as well as Wing Lite. View the section on exhibition products for more details.