How To Choose An Effective Display For Exhibitions

How To Choose An Effective Display For Exhibitions

For the company wishing to make a splash at the next exhibition where it will be showcasing existing or new products then there are a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the best display for exhibitions. When choosing exhibition displays, a number of different factors need to be taken into account. These include whether or not the display material needs to be reused, portability of the display units, ease of assembly and durability. For many marketing departments the solution to the requirements of display for exhibitions lies in choosing one of the many banner options that are today available to the public. Banners are amongst the best choices when it comes to effective and highly visible displays.

Banners come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and advances in printing and banner production technology now means that it’s possible for a banner to be manufactured according to customer specifications. Almost any size of banner can be produced, up to and including the banners used for building wraps. It’s unlikely that banners of this size will be used in a display for exhibitions, but larger banners that are designed to cover the entire backdrop of an exhibition space are common. Banners are also available in variants such as pull up banners and teardrop banners which are both easy to assemble and highly attractive to passing foot traffic, such as that found at a busy exhibition venue. Pull up banners are supplied in a unit which is placed on the floor and the spring loaded banner is then pulled up and attached to the top of a supplied aluminium pole which is supplied in sections with the pull up banner.

display for exhbitionsTeardrop banners are extremely versatile in that they can form the centrepiece for any display for exhibitions and can even be used outdoors. These banners are highly wind and weather resistant and are both easy to assemble and transport. Teardrop banners come in a variety of different shapes such as circle banners and harp banners and can feature printing on both sides of the banner. Teardrop banners are suitable for such events as golf days, family days or even sporting events that are open to the public. Teardrop banners also offer an excellent return on investment for a company due to low production cost and the durability of their nylon construction. The turnaround time for the production of these banners is also extremely quick.

When choosing a display for exhibitions many companies opt to invest in display units which can be supplied with add-ons like brochure display stands. These shell units are designed to customer specifications and can be manufactured in formats that allow the customer to erect the display stand themselves. Some display units are highly complex and will require the assistance of professional display stand builders to prepare. These display stands for exhibitions can be fitted with a number of different lighting and special effect systems in order to increase their attractiveness.

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