Scan rolls out new carpeting option

Scan Display has introduced rolled carpets for use at exhibitions and events, a first for South Africa.

Until now the standard carpeting choice for exhibition stands or events was bitumen-backed carpet tiles. However carpet tiles tend to bunch up with heavy use, making the surface uneven. In addition there is often a discrepancy between the colour of tiles, making the flooring look patchy.

“The trend in Europe is to use rolled carpet. This is carpet that comes in large rolls and is cut on site to fit your stand. This ensures a far superior look and finish. Rolled carpet comes in standard colours but can be custom printed with logos or matched to any specific Pantone colour,” explains Justin Hawes, MD of Scan.

Scan has already successfully used rolled carpet at South African Automotive Week (SAAW) 2007 and Miles Per Hour (MPH) 2007.

A further benefit of using this imported carpet is that it comes with a protective polythene plastic covering which is removed once installation is complete, ensuring the carpet is spotless at the start of your event.

“The simplicity and speed of laying make this carpet an obvious choice. From R35 per metre it competes with what is currently on the market. The carpet is also fire test certified to European standards.”