The benefits of using pop-up banners at exhibitions

In a highly competitive display environment, pop-up banners are ideal selling tools. With their portability, it is possible to pick them up and move them to another spot in an instant. You can also carry the pop-up banners in carry cases or bags to your next exhibition.

One of the most appealing features of pop-up banners is that any sales consultant will be able to set them up within minutes and have the company brand or product displayed in a prominent manner. As perhaps one of the most affordable means for displaying messages and also the most durable, the roll-up or pop-up stands have become exceptionally popular at exhibitions and trade shows. The banners can just as successfully be used at conferences, seminars, workshops, and any other presentation of the company brand. The pop-ups are lightweight making it easy to carry even two around without any real effort.

An often overlooked benefit of pop-ups is the fact that no electricity is required to have an effective display. Equally impressive is the fact that the banners can be used indoors and outdoors and are protected against dust, sunlight, and moisture when stored away, thus prolonging their lifespan.

Another benefit of the pop-up banners is their pricing. Cheaper than many of the display options, it allows for even the small business owner to have a highly effective and professional display and thus to compete with the big guns. Taking up little floor space, the banners also help display stand exhibitors to rent smaller spaces if their budgets are limited.

The retractable features, combined with the light structure make the banners perfect for any display occasion. If you want to add a bit of flair, just get one of the accessories such as a neon light. Contact us today to get more information and pricing on the various pop-up banners in our product stable.

Roll-Up Banners

Roll-Up Banners

What Is The Difference Between Roll-Up Banners And Pop-Up Banners?

Roll-up banners and pop-up banners are virtually the same except that with roll-up banners the retraction is normally in a rolling manner. With a pop-up, the method for retraction can be by means of folding or sliding. Both types offer mobility and can be used for indoor and outdoor displays. The size of the display will depend on the space available and the client’s specific requirements. Roll-ups are often used by exhibitors on the move who want to promote their products at various trade shows, retail malls, and conferences with ease. The roll-up banners are cost effective and rather light. No special skill is required to set-up such banners and with little time spent on setting up, an exhibition can be set-up within seconds. Space and time savings are two of the benefits offered.

branded fabricCorporate And Product Positioning With Branded Fabric


In order to differentiate new product offerings as well as position the corporate brand, it is essential that the company’s marketing department seize every opportunity to display the brand in a highly visible manner. For many companies this has meant the purchase of various types of banners and displays. Using branded fabric, these designs can range from simple flags for use at the corporate headquarters to banners of various types that are used at trade shows and conventions.

Product positioning is one of the many uses for branded fabric. New developments in printing technology, as well as advances in the fabric manufacturing processes that are used to produce these fabric display units has meant that companies now have access to a wider variety of branded fabric marketing tools than ever before.

The branded fabric display units that are today available include banners such as teardrop banners and classic flag banners which are constructed from vinyl material, making them extremely hard wearing. Banners are also available in varieties that range from street pole banners to hanging banners which can be designed to customer specifications. These display units are suitable for sporting events, product launches and corporate positioning. They are also ideal for point of sale displays.

These branded fabric designs can incorporate a wide variety of different graphics and lettering styles. The companies that manufacture these promotional items will have a library of different fonts and designs that can be incorporated into the banners. For those companies which require that corporate or product designs be incorporated into the branded fabric design there is the option of supplying the manufacturer with graphics. In order for the finished product to be of the highest quality it is essential that these graphics and designs be supplied in the appropriate format.

Many of the branded fabric marketing items are weather resistant which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The vinyl material used in the manufacture of the banners and other fabric display units is extremely hard wearing and printing advances have meant that colours stay vibrant even in the face of rain, wind or snow.

The design of many of the fabric display units, such as flags and pull up banners allows for extremely easily assembly and even the newest member of the marketing team should be able to erect a banner or flag with no problem at all. The small size of the disassembled units allows for easy transportation and the bags which are supplied with the units mean that all the required parts are easily accessible. These bags which are used for transportation and storage purposes also prevent the loss of vital pieces of equipment required for the proper erection of the branded fabric display units. The bags also prevent damage to the display units.

Companies like Scan Display will be able to advise the organisation on the best branded fabric display units for use in a variety of different environments. These companies will also ensure that the best materials are used for the manufacture of the display units and that they will last the company for many years, offering exceptional return on investment.