Large Format Digital Printing

Large Format Digital Printing For Marketing Purposes


Large format digital printing is a form of printing for large images that are used on billboards, signage and so on. Not just any printer can be used for this type of printing and a special type of ink must still be used.

When looking into large format digital printing for your business or marketing purposes, make sure that you chat to the professionals in the field. Take the time to learn more about the pros and cons before going ahead. Scan Display is a trusted large format digital printer in South Africa. Contact Scan Display of visit their website for more information and advice on their services today.

Printing Of Pull-Up Banners

Printing Of Pull-Up Banners Best Done By The Experts

We make the printing of pull-up banners look easy because we know our materials, use the best possible techniques and advanced technology to ensure sharp and clear images, perfect lettering and high quality colour displays. Whether you need printing of pull-up banners for indoor or outdoor display purposes, we can do the job. Scan Display has an extensive product portfolio including that of modular and custom exhibition stands, pop-up and roll-up banners, flags, banner walls, signage, and exhibition furniture. We can offer you better prices on the printing of pull-up banners because we also supply the medium for printing. We know our products and take the time to understand your printing requirements.

Printing Of Roll-ups

Printing Of Roll-ups – Select The Best Supplier And Printer

Roll-ups are frequently used for displays at retail centres, workshops, conferences, product launches and also at exhibitions. Understanding the aim of the display, the target audience, the visibility requirements, and the lay-out effectiveness required, is part of what makes us the ideal company to select for the printing of roll-ups. We know how to create the best advertising message on small and large spaces. It is exactly this expertise that has ensured that we have not only already won numerous awards for top exhibition booths, but also because we understand the secrets to the printing of roll-ups. Simply view our range of roll-ups and the printing done on them to get an idea of the quality that you can expect.

Printing Of Pop-ups

Printing Of Pop-ups – Select The Right Printer

Scan Display does printing of pop-ups for clients as well. We have learned that just about anything can be printed on pop-ups. The secret lies in the correct technique of printing to ensure a clear and crisp image. Remember that pop-ups can be used to display photo images, maps, single focussed messages and also call-outs. As such when browsing for a company offering the printing of pop-ups select a company that also offers numerous exhibition and advertising display products for indoor and outdoor usage. If the company has the products and offers the printing services along with such, you will save on costs and know that the printing will be of high quality. This is so because the company knows its products and what can be printed on the specific products.

Advertising Display Printing

Advertising Display Printing Considerations

Before spending your marketing dollar on advertising display printing, plan ahead. You need to ask a few questions first to ensure that the advertising display printing costs will not go to waste. Consider the demographics of your market and how much your users spend on the specific product you are selling. When it comes to the actual printing remember that you don’t want to overload the medium. Be clear with the message and also try to get a feel of how the viewer experiences the printed item by asking a few people to review the printed medium. Make use of images that make sense ensuring that the message will get across.