Promotional giveaways

Promotional giveaways

A good way of creating new leads at a trade fair is to have a number of promotional items to hand out to potential new clients. There are a number of promotional companies in South Africa some of whom have excellent websites. It is vitally important though that any promotional item must carry on it your company’s name along with contact details. Another good way of generating leads is to invest in a single expensive item that you advertise as the prize in a competition and if your budget allows an excellent example would be a laptop computer. Visitors to your display stand enter the competition by filling in their name, company and contact details on an entry form, giving you an instant list of new leads.

promotional banner flagsHigh Impact Promotional Banner Flags

One of the most traditional ways that a marketing department can position either the corporate identity or launch a new brand of product is through the use of promotional banner flags. Today banner flags bear little or no resemblance to the flags that were produced by corporate branding companies only a generation ago. New advances in materials and printing technology today mean that banner flags are available in a number of different sizes and types. These advances in technology also mean that companies can order unique banner flags that will be both highly visible to customers and potential customers and enable the organisation to differentiate their product offering from competing brands.

The new advances in manufacturing processes have mean that the vinyl used for the production of promotional banner flags is more hard wearing and weather resistant than has traditionally been the case. The vinyl material in use today makes the promotional banners and flags suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This material can stand up to the elements and provide a high visibility solution to banner requirements even in the face of rain and wind.

Printing technology has also allowed for the printing of more vibrant colours and the faithful reproduction of corporate and brand logos. In order to incorporate corporate branding into the promotional banner flags the company will be required to supply graphic material in the form of high resolution graphics, often accompanied by pantone colour information that will ensure that the end product is of an extremely high quality.

Promotional banner flags are today available in a number of different formats. The traditional flag banner is still one of the most popular of these designs, however the company can now choose from a wide variety of banner flags such as hanging banners, tear drop banners, pull up banners and even circle banner flags. These promotional flags can be used in a variety of different environments, such as sports days, trade shows and conventions and are extremely effective when used as part of point of sale displays.

The promotional banner flags are extremely easy to assemble and should provide even the most inexperienced marketing department employee with very little challenge. Many of the smaller banners, such as pull up banners are small enough for transport in an average car boot and are therefore ideal for use at remote locations or for use during countrywide road shows. These banner flags are supplied in a carry bag which reduces the chances of any of the components being lost and minimises the risk of damage to the banner flag during transport.

New technology has also made possible the manufacture of extremely large banner flags which can serve as backdrops for use as part of a display solution at trade shows. Smaller promotional banner flags are suitable for display at company premises where they can be used as traditional flags or form part of a display in a reception area. The low cost of production and quick turnaround times for the production of these banner flags means that new banner flags can be produced cheaply and are therefore suitable for one off uses, such as the launch of new products or the announcement of special offers.

Companies such as Scan Display can advise marketing departments on the best way to make use of the new technology available for the production of promotional banner flags and manufacture unique solutions that allow company products to stand out from the competition.