A Look at Different Types of Banners Including Pull-Ups, A-frames, Pop-Ups and Flags

The advertising and marketing industry is well-known with coming up with new and exciting ways to showcase new products, sales and even great specials. These days, there are so many different point-of-sale options to choose from that no one would blame you if you found the whole thing a little confusing. Well now, you have your very own guide to every type of banner and promotional tool you can think of, and the benefits of using them.

Before you buy any type of banner, it is useful to remember that the banners we supply all have different purposes, and can be printed in different ways. Some are smaller, some are bigger, some simply pop up, and we make them this way specifically for what you want to use them for. All of these banners, no matter what they’re being used for, are designed with dignity and printed with pride and that is our stamp of excellence.

What Banners Should Be Used in Store?

If you’re planning on using banners in your store, you have a lot of options available to you depending on whether you want to catch someone’s eye, inform, persuade or just create something really cool. A category banner for example, that sticks out of an eye-level height shelf is perfect for catching the attention of shoppers walking down an aisle.

As previously mentioned, there are many different types of banners that can be used for just about anything and just about anywhere you want to catch people’s attention. Our banners are so versatile that you can let your imagination run free and use them in any way you want to. Here’s a little trade secret that may help you decide which banner you want: they can be printed in multiple colours, die cut to any shape or even made into lenticulars.

Types of Banners for Just About Any Use

A wobbler is also a great in store tool, and if placed correctly on the shelf, will get people really excited about your product or sale. In store, you may also want to consider using a pull up banner if you have an ongoing promotion and plan on having a promoter doing some sampling work for you. This type of banner is very clever indeed, since it consists of a round tube with a printed banner inside it that literally pulls up and secures to show off your message.

An A-frame banner for example, can be used on a large scale at the entrance of a store, or on a smaller scale where it is placed on a table as a promotional tool. One of the best types of banners to use is a flag, since this can be used just about anywhere either in a store or even outdoors. It can be stuck onto an item or a shelf, held by promoters or even printed larger than life to attract a lot of attention.

What Are Other Banners Used For?

They’re always eye-catching, and can be designed and printed to suit your needs and will always make you and your product look great. We take a sense of pride in every piece of work we print, no matter how small or large, so don’t hesitate to call us today. If you are planning on using flags, also consider trying out some bunting, a type of print that consists of many smaller flags that are strung together to span across a shelf and are very eye-catching.

So the next time you’re thinking of showing off your products or advertising a great sale, keep your eyes on our banners.

Highly Visible Pull Up Banners

Highly Visible Pull Up Banners

It is of the utmost importance that a business positions itself in a highly visible manner in order to attract customers. Often this calls for marketing material that can be used off site. Some of the most useful and easy to use marketing tools available today are the various pull up banners that can be used in a variety of different situations. Pull up banners can feature full colour representations of company products, as well as positioning the company identity through depictions of logo’s and various pay off lines. Pull up banners are available in both single colour and full colour variants and are both attractive and durable.

pull up bannersPull up banners are especially useful when the company is taking part in exhibitions or trade shows. Pull up banners are highly portable and can be set up in only minutes by even the most inexperienced marketing employees. Pull up banners also offer superior return on investment due to the fact that they can be used again and again due to the fact that they are constructed of highly durable PVC material. One of the only limitations of pull up banners is that they are most suited for indoor use. They can be used outdoors, however in windy conditions the base of the pull up banner will have to be weighed down using sandbags or other similar aids. This leads to an unattractive appearance and for this reason pull up banners are recommended for indoor usage.

Most pull up banners are supplied with a carry case which allows for easy transportation of the pull up banner. The small size of the pull up banners also means that they can be transported to an exhibition or trade show in the boot of an average sized family saloon car. Pull up banners are usually printed on a single side, however there are processes that allow for both sides of the banner to be printed. This is especially useful if the banner will be visible to walking traffic in the centre of a trade show. Another advantage of the pull up banner is that it is extremely fast to produce. Specialist banner manufacturing companies can usually fulfil an order within one of two days if they are supplied with finished artwork.

The pull up banner has remained a firm favourite with marketing departments for many years due to the low cost and fast production times. The low cost means that pull up banners are suitable for product launches where the banner will only be used a few times. Pull up banners are also extremely useful as part of point of sale displays. More and more companies are using banners to make their point of sale presence highly visible.

For more information on how pull up banners can benefit your marketing efforts, contact us.

Useful And Easy To Transport Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners have become extremely popular over the past few years due to their ease of assembly, highly durable nature and their ability to fit into the boot of even the smallest car for transportation. Pull up banners are today available in a variety of different variants and sizes. These banners are usually constructed from PVC material and offer the individual business owner or a marketing department a cost effective way to promote products or the corporate identity.

Pull up banners are remarkably versatile and are today available with double sided printing. This is usually accomplished by having two banners, each facing in a different direction stored in the base unit. With only a few minutes effort both banners can be set up to provide a highly visible marketing solution.

Pull up banners are suitable for use in a variety of settings and many companies make use of pull up banners to announce the launch of new products. These banners are suitable for use at point of sale and their low production cost and portability make them suitable for nationwide product launches. Pull up banners have even been used in board rooms for press functions and in company reception areas.

Pull up banners are also known as roll up banners and are mainly designed for indoor use. These banners can be used out of doors; however their lightweight construction means that the base has to be weighed down in some way to reduce the chances of them falling over in the wind. The use of sandbags and similar products to weight the pull up banners down reduces the attractiveness of the banner so this use is not recommended. The low cost of pull up banners means that a large number of these banners can be manufactured extremely cost effectively. Using a number of pull up banners to form a wall of banners results in a highly attractive display.

If you would like to know more about the cost of pull up banners and the uses of these banners in a variety of environments then contact us.

High Quality Printing Designs For Pull Up Banners

One of the greatest benefits of choosing pull up banners as part of your marketing and advertising strategy is the quality of print that you can expect to receive with these products. The materials that are used to create pull up banners are suitable for use with a range of large format printers allowing any image no matter how colourful or complex to easily be relayed onto the banners. This means that you can incorporate photo graphic quality designs into the information displayed on the pull up banners to make them that much more attractive.

To place your order for high quality pull up banners with complex designs and printing requirements you can simply contact us.

Printing Of Pull-Up Banners

Printing Of Pull-Up Banners Best Done By The Experts

We make the printing of pull-up banners look easy because we know our materials, use the best possible techniques and advanced technology to ensure sharp and clear images, perfect lettering and high quality colour displays. Whether you need printing of pull-up banners for indoor or outdoor display purposes, we can do the job. Scan Display has an extensive product portfolio including that of modular and custom exhibition stands, pop-up and roll-up banners, flags, banner walls, signage, and exhibition furniture. We can offer you better prices on the printing of pull-up banners because we also supply the medium for printing. We know our products and take the time to understand your printing requirements.