PVC Banners for Outdoor Sports Event

Make a Splash with PVC Banners for Outdoor Sports Events

Nothing brings people together like a good sports event. As a business owner you could do great marketing with PVC banners for outdoor sports events.

South Africa has many mass participation sports events that draw in crowds totalling in the tens of thousands. If you have a brand (particularly associated with sports) using PVC banners for outdoor sports events is a great way to establish your brand.

Why PVC?

You might ask why PVC banners for outdoor sports events? When it comes to outdoor banners the most commonly used material is heavy weight vinyl which is technically known as PVC. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a plastic which is the third most widely produced in the world. It’s a very popular material since it is cost effective, durable and easy to work with.

PVC banners for outdoor sports events are especially eye catching and used to advertise a product or simply as brand building, emblazoned with a company or product logo. There are several types of PVC banners which make use of separate design techniques in their production:

  • Digitally Printed Banners – The design on a digitally printed banner is applied with a water based ink. They contain durable pigments and materials making them UV and fade resistant when used outdoors. This is the most popular choice for PVC banners for outdoor sports events.
  • Banner With Vinyl Letters – This design technique makes use of individual vinyl elements cut out by a vinyl cutter (which is computer operated). It’s then applied with an adhesive to the banner to form the design.
  • Screen Printed Banners – This makes use of screen printing to put the design on the banner. Screens making up a stencil are used to lay down multiple colours. High performance presses can print large volumes in an hour and makes it a suitable choice for large volume PVC banners for outdoor sports events.

PVC Banners for Outdoor Sports Events: Where to Use Them

South Africa is a country that loves its sports, not only to watch, but to participate in. If your brand is sports related it’s a no brainer that it should make a presence and capitalise on the frenzy. If you’re looking for events with massive crowds to expose your brand to there are a few that are a must:

  • The Comrades Marathon – This 90 kilometre road race is an annual event that takes place from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. It is the world’s oldest (started in 1921) and largest ultra marathon race with participation exceeding 23,000.
  • Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Race – Know as ‘The Argus’, this cycle race is 109 kilometres long and is an annual competition taking place in Cape Town. As many as 31,000 cyclists take part as it stretches from Cape Town, down the Cape Peninsula and then back. One of the highlights is the climb up Chapman’s Peak.
  • Dusi Canoe Marathon – The Dusi is known as the world’s most prestigious canoe/kayak race. It’s run along the Msunduzi River between Durban and Pietermaritzburg and draws in a crowd of spectators and paddlers totalling up to 5000. It’s held over three days and competitors have to complete 125 kilometres.
  • Midmar Mile – The Midmar Mile is an annual swimming race held at the Midmar Dam near Pietermaritzburg. The distance is roughly a mile and is competed by amateur swimmers of all ages and professional swimmers. It attracts over 13,000 competitors and is the world’s largest open water swimming event (as per the Guinness Book of World Records).
  • Super Rugby – This is the largest professional rugby union competition in the Southern Hemisphere. It started in 1996 and is a competition between domestic teams from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The teams compete for a silver trophy and the competition consisted of 91 games in the 2011 competition.  It is followed annually by millions of viewers globally and attendance fills the local stadiums in South Africa, including Newlands, Loftus Versfeld, Coca Cola Park and Kings Park.

Brand exposure with PVC banners for outdoor sports events is a fundamental element to good marketing. Get your brand out there and reap the results.


Various Types Of High Visibility Signage

Various Types Of High Visibility Signage

On a crowded office block only those companies that are able to stand out from the crowd will form a lasting impression with both their customers and passing foot and road traffic. Almost every company realises that their competitive edge can only be maintained if they can assure top of mind awareness with their target audiences and one of the most effective ways of doing this is through the production and proper placement of high visibility signage.

The technology used to produce signage is today far in advance of that which was available only a decade ago.signageSignage can be designed to take advantage of full colour printing on PVC or nylon and the high quality printing processes in user today mean that the images and copy that appear on the signage are crisp and clear, enhancing visibility and retention of the information contained on the display units. Some types of signage are not aimed at conveying information about products, but reinforce the corporate image. One example of this is the use of nylon flags at the entrance to a company. These flags are extremely hard wearing and weather resistant and the full colour printing process means that they are both highly visible and attractive.

There are also a large number of signage options for those companies wishing to enhance their visibility at trade shows and exhibitions. This type of high visibility signage usually consist of PVC or nylon banners of different types, but can also consist of show stands and other marketing devices used to increase visibility. Banners for use at shows such as trade shows and exhibitions are usually ordered in bulk. There are no limitations to the number of banners that can be ordered, just as there is no limitation on the size of the banner that can be produced using modern printing technology.

Double sided pull up banners are today possible. These pull up banners feature a pull up banner that can be unrolled from each side of the base. Size is no longer an issue due to the printers that can today continuously print large sheets of nylon or PVA. In the case of high visibility signage such as building wraps the banner is supplied with small holes in it to avoid wind damage and also to reduce the weight of large sections of banner.

There are other types of high visibility signage that are available to marketing departments that can be produced extremely quickly at a low unit cost. These include wall and hanging banners which are manufactured from quality hard wearing PVC. These banners can be stitched with a fold on the seam designed to allow an aluminium pole to be inserted, ensuring that the banner hangs straight once it is set in place.  High visibility signage can also form an integral part of display stands which are manufactured to the clients’ requirements. These display stands are ideal for use at trade shows and allow the company to project an air of professionalism at all times. The display stands also allow the company to display products and merchandise in a way that makes them highly visible to passing foot traffic and allows easy access to allow for product demonstrations.

Most marketing departments make use of highly visible signage in the form of roll up or pull up banners due to the fact that they are both highly portable and easy to erect. The average size pull up banner can easily be transported to a trade show or exhibition in the boot of a family sedan, making them ideal for use by even inexperienced marketing employees.

If you would like to know more about high visibility signage and how it can make your business stand out from the crowd then contact us.

Hard Wearing And Highly Visible PVC Banners

Hard Wearing And Highly Visible PVC Banners

PVC is one of the hardest wearing and most versatile materials used today for the manufacture of marketing material such as display banners. PVC banners are used by marketing departments across the world in order to position a company identity or promote new and existing products. PVC banners can be produced quickly and cheaply with high quality finishes that are weather resistant and will continue to offer years of use while not fading and tearing even when they are used regularly. New advances in banner printing mean that PVC banners can today be produced in almost any size, from wall banners for use at trade shows and exhibitions to enormous building wraps that are extremely visible, even to passing motorists who have only seconds to absorb the information displayed on the wrap.

pvc banners

There are a variety of different PVC banners available to marketing departments, these include hanging banners, pull up banners and pop up banners which require very little set up time and are suitable for use by even the most inexperienced of marketing staff. These self erecting banners are supplied in a carry case and ‘pop up’ into shape once they are removed from the protective carry case. Pop up banners are usually used in trade shows and exhibitions. Once the days’ activities are complete the pop up banner is simply twisted into a compact shape and stored in the carry bag, ready for use at the next venue. The pop up banners are usually manufactured using polyester flag fabric as opposed to PVC. The compact size of pop up and pull up banners make them ideal for use off site and their small size means that they can be transported to the venue where they are to be used in the boot of even the smallest of cars.

PVC banners can feature full colour highly detailed print work, which makes them suitable for representations of products in an attractive way. PVC banners are also fade resistant and can be produced with folded seams which can then accept aluminium extensions which are passed through the top and bottom of the banners in order to ensure that they hang straight down and are wrinkle free when they are used as wall banners. Similar PVC banners are known as backdrop banners and are usually significantly larger than hanging banners. The backdrop banners are supplied with eyelets to allow nylon ski rope to be used to secure the backdrop banners to a surface.

The PVC banner manufacturer will usually offer design services related to the production of the PVC banners. Clients will be asked to supply high resolution images for use in the design process. These images will usually be available from the company’s advertising agency. Any organisation ordering a PVC banner should be aware that the design services are not usually included in the initial quote for the banners and will represent an extra expenditure. Given the fact that PVC banners are extremely hard wearing, the money spent still offer excellent return on investment, especially given the fact that banners can be used in a variety of settings and during almost any function. Pull up banners even look good when placed in the reception area of an organisation.

If you would like any further information on high quality, durable PVC banners then contact us.