Signage For Multiple uses

Signage For Multiple uses

In today’s highly competitive business environment every organisation has toensure that its products stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to do this is through the clever design and intelligent placement of signage in a variety of different settings.

signageSignage can be used at trade shows, exhibitions and at various points of sale. Point of sale signage consisting of pop up banners is especially popular for the marketing of new products. These pop up banners, manufactured from PVC material or nylon have built a loyal following for a number of reasons. The reasons for the popularity of pull up banners is due to the facts that they are extremely easy to transport, incredibly durable and can be set up by even the most inexperienced of marketing employees.

Signage consisting of pop up banners is also extremely popular. These banners are constructed of hard wearing nylon material and are designed to be self erecting once they have been removed from their covers. In order to transport the banners of for storage they are easy to return to a compact form with a simple twist which causes them to fold up on themselves. High visibility signage that is suitable for use at trade shows and exhibitions also includes hanging banners and wall banners that are designed either with eyelets to allow ski rope to be threaded through the banner for hanging or stitched seams that allow for the insertion of aluminium rods that keep the banners in perfect alignment when they are hung.

New advances in colour banner printing mean that signage is becoming more inventive as time goes on. Today specialised printers can produce banners of almost any length.  Building wraps are amongst the most impressive signage that can today be viewed covering scaffolding and building exterior around the world. The advances in signage colour printing also mean that weather resistant printing in brighter colours and with a higher definition is now a reality.

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Useful And Easy To Transport Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners have become extremely popular over the past few years due to their ease of assembly, highly durable nature and their ability to fit into the boot of even the smallest car for transportation. Pull up banners are today available in a variety of different variants and sizes. These banners are usually constructed from PVC material and offer the individual business owner or a marketing department a cost effective way to promote products or the corporate identity.

Pull up banners are remarkably versatile and are today available with double sided printing. This is usually accomplished by having two banners, each facing in a different direction stored in the base unit. With only a few minutes effort both banners can be set up to provide a highly visible marketing solution.

Pull up banners are suitable for use in a variety of settings and many companies make use of pull up banners to announce the launch of new products. These banners are suitable for use at point of sale and their low production cost and portability make them suitable for nationwide product launches. Pull up banners have even been used in board rooms for press functions and in company reception areas.

Pull up banners are also known as roll up banners and are mainly designed for indoor use. These banners can be used out of doors; however their lightweight construction means that the base has to be weighed down in some way to reduce the chances of them falling over in the wind. The use of sandbags and similar products to weight the pull up banners down reduces the attractiveness of the banner so this use is not recommended. The low cost of pull up banners means that a large number of these banners can be manufactured extremely cost effectively. Using a number of pull up banners to form a wall of banners results in a highly attractive display.

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