Benefits of using roll ups for displays

If you are looking at cost effective ways to enhance the visual displays at your exhibition stand, then it is time to consider roll-up banners. The roll ups come in interchangeable, wing lite and just lite options.

To get attention at a trade show or exhibition you have to be creative. A billboard is excellent, but if you are looking at a mobile option that can be set up in a manner of seconds, the roll ups will be the way to go. With a roller at the base you can simply rewind the banner, pack it up and off you go to the next exhibition. Easy to store, lightweight, and compact the roll-up banner stands have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. You don’t have to hire additional help for the setting up, moving around, packing up, and displaying.

With the roll-up systems we offer, your banner will also be protected against sunlight, rain, moisture, and dust when stored. It doesn’t take up a lot of storage space, and if you want to travel light, you will find no better option than the roll-up banner stands. The stands can fit in carry bags or cases and as such should you wish to use the banner at a conference or seminar as well, you will be able to take it along without having to take the whole team with for setting up the presentation.

Our roll ups are made to withstand the occasional knocks that are associated with moving around from one venue to another. Since the casings are strong, you will not have to be concerned about tearing of the banners while transporting them. Contact us today for pricing and available options in roll ups.

Fabric Pull Up Banner | Roll-ups | Pop-ups

The Easy To Erect Fabric Pull Up Banner


One of the most useful and cost effective marketing tools available to any marketing department is the highly visible fabric pull up banner. Not only is the fabric that is today used for the manufacture of these pull up banners extremely durable but the banner itself is easy to erect, making it suitable for use by even the most inexperienced of marketing employees. The fabric pull up banner is available in a number of different configurations. These include the single sided and double sided fabric pull up banner, as well as the hanging banner.

The attraction of the fabric pull up banner to the marketing department is in the robustness of the fabric used for the manufacture of the banner, as well as the new printing processes that are used to print on this fabric. These new printing processes mean that fabric banners now feature printing that is not only colour fast but will also last years with proper storage and care. The ease with which new designed can be incorporated into the fabric pull up banner means that the organisation which orders the banner can incorporate a number of different visual elements in to the design. The speed at which the production of these banners take place and their low cost mean that fabric pull up banners are ideal for one off product launches.

The fabric pull up banner is also easy to erect and transport. Using the carry bag that is supplied with the majority of fabric pull up banners the banners can be transported from venue to venue in the boot of the average sedan. The aluminium base is extremely robust and the poles that allow the banner to hang free are also extremely resistant to damage. Should the aluminium base be damaged replacement bases are available from the manufacturer.

Great Visual Impact Through The Use Of Roll-Ups

The use of roll-ups or roll up banners is widespread in South Africa. These roll-ups are extremely easy to use making them ideal for setting up be even the most inexperienced of marketing employees. The fabric that the roll-ups are manufactured from is a variety of polyurethane which is tremendously hard wearing and weather resistant.

The roll-ups can be used in a variety of different settings and are highly effective display options at sporting or charitable events. They can also increase the visual impact of shell schemes at exhibitions and trade shows. Their low production cost and high visual impact has made roll-ups marketing department favourites.

Easy To Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups or pop up banners as they are also known are available in a number of different configurations. The nylon fabric that these display units is constructed from is extremely light weight and the ability of the pop-ups to self erect when removed from their carry bags makes the setting up of any corporate or product display almost effort free.

The pop-ups can also be easily transported from venue to venue and the robust construction and tough material make them favourites with the marketing department. In addition pop-ups can feature extremely attractive visuals and can be manufactured extremely quickly.

Roller Banners

Roller Banners

Roller Banners Are Versatile And Compact

Roller banners are perhaps the most versatile exhibition stand banners.  When they are set up, they provide a large canvas on which to display graphic presentations of your products in services in full colour.

However, because roller banners roll compactly into a tube, they are very easy to transport and carry.  These banners take up vertical space and stand tall to more than the height of a person to be easily noticed.  They take up little horizontal space, so they are ideal for cramped exhibition stands where you want to provide the most visual impact in exchange for little floor space.  Many sizes are offered; the smallest “Mini Wing” measures 595 mm x 1,720 mm and the largest “Wing”, 1,500 mm x 2,100 mm.

roller banner

Printing Of Roll-ups

Printing Of Roll-ups – Select The Best Supplier And Printer

Roll-ups are frequently used for displays at retail centres, workshops, conferences, product launches and also at exhibitions. Understanding the aim of the display, the target audience, the visibility requirements, and the lay-out effectiveness required, is part of what makes us the ideal company to select for the printing of roll-ups. We know how to create the best advertising message on small and large spaces. It is exactly this expertise that has ensured that we have not only already won numerous awards for top exhibition booths, but also because we understand the secrets to the printing of roll-ups. Simply view our range of roll-ups and the printing done on them to get an idea of the quality that you can expect.

Roll-Up Banners As The Ideal Marketing Tool

Roll-up banners are the ideal marketing tool if your company attends a number of exhibitions and expos where advertising your products is essential. The banners are easy to assemble and pack away once they have been used. They are compact and light weight making them easy to lift, carry and transport in a car or other light delivery vehicle. The roll-up banners come in a range of sizes for you to choose from that will allow you to get your product message across efficiently.

For more information on how you can have convenient signage with roll-up banners at your next exhibition, simply contact us.