Exhibition Cabinet Stand | Show Cases | Brochure Stands

Exhibition Cabinet Stand | Show Cases | Brochure Stands

A Trade Show And Exhibition Cabinet Stand


One of the most effective opportunities for the marketing of any product new to the market is the trade show or exhibition. At both of these events many organisations and marketing departments will choose to make use of the exhibition cabinet stand in order to display a wide variety of different products. There are a number of different types of standard exhibition cabinet stands that are available in South Africa and these display stands can also be designed and manufactured to the clients’ specifications and unique requirements. An exhibition cabinet stand can be constructed of a number of different materials and is usually an integral part of the shell scheme that many companies erect as part of their displays at both trade shows and exhibitions.

The exhibition cabinet stand can be constructed of a number of different materials, however today’s exhibition cabinet stands are usually made from either varieties of plywood or different composites. The wide variety of different materials that are available for the construction of the exhibition cabinets stands means that the form, shape and dimensions of the stand are entirely up to the individual requirements of the client. There are also standard shell schemes available that incorporate either a single exhibition cabinet stand or a number of cabinet stands depending on the space available and the number of products that are displayed, as well as the number of employees that will be manning the stand.

Show Cases Manufactured To Client Specificationsshow cases

Participants in trade shows and exhibitions are continually on the lookout for display solutions that will attract the attention of potential customers. These show cases and display stands should be highly visible and allow the potential client the opportunity to interact with the product in some meaningful way.

For this reason the show cases usually feature multiple shelves, as well as easy access that allow salespeople and marketing employees to remove the products for closer examination by the potential buyer.

The show cases can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including wood, board or even glass or acrylic. The individual show cases can be designed to customer specifications and the only limitation to the materials that are used for the construction are the physical properties of the materials and the cost involved in the production of the show cases.

Attractive Brochure Stands

In addition to the many varieties of different display units that are employed to display products at both trade shows and exhibitions many companies will choose to add brochure stands to the display mix. The brochure stands will make literature available to the potential customer that they can peruse at their leisure.

Many buying decisions are not made at the trade show or exhibition cabinet stand but are rather delayed until the potential client has had time to compare the different offerings from a variety of manufacturers. Attractive brochure stands encourage the potential customer to take away brochures that contain product information. Many organisations strengthen the appeal of brochures by providing a small gift such as a key ring, t-shirt or other marketing material to the potential customer when they take a brochure from the brochure stand.