How to make the most of the trade show stand

The sales are not only made at the trade show stand, but also before and after. It is thus important to mail clients before and after with specials ensuring that you get more from the trade show stand than planned. Also consider teaming up with a related business to help promote each others’ products before, during, and after the event. If you are a software developer, you can for instance, team up with a computer hardware provider to promote complimentary products. In addition also offer free stuff at your trade show stand and loads of brochures.  Create an open rather than close trade show stand which will be inviting and will have enough space to prevent traffic jams and customers leaving because they feel crowded.

Working on a budget for trade show stands

If you will book trade show stands for the first time, you will want to keep within a smaller budget. First observe and learn. You should have a long term goal with the trade show stands. You will use the knowledge and experience gained from the first trade show to plan the next one which will incorporate everything you have learned. For the first trade show, you may want to go with a previously used booth to save money. Go with more generic signs that can be used in future shows as well. Customisation should only come from the next show when you have a clear focus. Study various booths and plan ahead. Go with furniture rentals rather than purchasing furniture that will not be used in your future trade show stands.