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About Event Flooring & Carpeting

Scan Display offers a range of different flooring options for exhibitions and events, exhibition stands, mall activations and retail displays, including tiled carpeting, rolled carpeting and wooden laminate and vinyl flooring options.

Tiled Carpeting

Our Tiled Carpeting comes in a range of colours, in either 500mm x 500mm or 1m x 1m tiles.

Rolled Carpeting

Our Rolled Carpeting comes in vibrant colours and is wrapped in a plastic cover, providing protection during build-up. It can be cut to any shape and size and provides a superior quality finish of even colour and a smooth surface.

Wooden Flooring

We offer four off-the-shelf wood laminate options. A wider range of options is available on request. Our flooring is laid on either 16mm, 32mm or 100mm platforms.