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November 7, 2011

The Easy To Erect Fabric Pull Up Banner

One of the most useful and cost effective marketing tools available to any marketing department is the highly visible fabric pull up banner. Not only is the fabric that is today used for the manufacture of these pull up banners extremely durable but the banner itself is easy to erect, making it suitable for use by even the most inexperienced of marketing employees. The fabric pull up banner is available in a number of different configurations. These include the single sided and double sided fabric pull up banner, as well as the hanging banner.

The attraction of the fabric pull up banner to the marketing department is in the robustness of the fabric used for the manufacture of the banner, as well as the new printing processes that are used to print on this fabric. These new printing processes mean that fabric banners now feature printing that is not only colour fast but will also last years with proper storage and care. The ease with which new designed can be incorporated into the fabric pull up banner means that the organisation which orders the banner can incorporate a number of different visual elements in to the design. The speed at which the production of these banners take place and their low cost mean that fabric pull up banners are ideal for one off product launches.

The fabric pull up banner is also easy to erect and transport. Using the carry bag that is supplied with the majority of fabric pull up banners the banners can be transported from venue to venue in the boot of the average sedan. The aluminium base is extremely robust and the poles that allow the banner to hang free are also extremely resistant to damage. Should the aluminium base be damaged replacement bases are available from the manufacturer.

Great Visual Impact Through The Use Of Roll-Ups

The use of roll-ups or roll up banners is widespread in South Africa. These roll-ups are extremely easy to use making them ideal for setting up be even the most inexperienced of marketing employees. The fabric that the roll-ups are manufactured from is a variety of polyurethane which is tremendously hard wearing and weather resistant.

The roll-ups can be used in a variety of different settings and are highly effective display options at sporting or charitable events. They can also increase the visual impact of shell schemes at exhibitions and trade shows. Their low production cost and high visual impact has made roll-ups marketing department favourites.

Easy To Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups or pop up banners as they are also known are available in a number of different configurations. The nylon fabric that these display units is constructed from is extremely light weight and the ability of the pop-ups to self erect when removed from their carry bags makes the setting up of any corporate or product display almost effort free.

The pop-ups can also be easily transported from venue to venue and the robust construction and tough material make them favourites with the marketing department. In addition pop-ups can feature extremely attractive visuals and can be manufactured extremely quickly.

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