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About Roll-up Banners

Are you looking for a creative marketing tool that you can use to promote your brand at corporate events and marketing activations, and showcase your products in-store?

Roll-up banners, also referred to as pull-up banners and roller banners, are the perfect solution that will help you educate potential customers and clients about your brand. They are the perfect portable branding tool.

Types of Roll-up Banners

Depending on your needs, Scan Display offers three different types of pull-up banners. One of the main advantages of roll-up banners is that they are portable. It’s easy for you to take the banners anywhere you go, with a carry bag included with each of our pull-up products:


If you want to attract customers at an event or retail activation, we suggest that you use our Wing roll-up banners. They come with a double-sided foot base that makes it larger than our other banners. The Wing comes with single- or double-sided graphics. When you purchase the Wing, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Whenever you want to change the graphic, we’ll reprint and reload them into the Wing.

Just Lite

The Just Lite pull-up banner is a great option if you’re looking for a simple and stable design. You can use it to promote your business at different events or in shopping centres for in-store promotions. You can even reload the base with new graphics, but as the Just Lite is not as durable as the Wing, we don’t recommend replacing the Just Lite graphics more than once.


The Econo roll-up banner is the best choice for short-term graphic displays. It is ideal for directional signage at an event. The base of the Econo banner is available in silver and black. It only comes in an 800mm width option.

The Benefits of Using Pull-Up Banners

It will take a long time before certain traditional marketing tools like banners go out of style. You can use roll-up banners for in-store promotions, conferences, corporate events, seminars, waiting rooms, and reception areas. Regardless of how you choose to use them, here are some of the main benefits of pull-up banners:

  1. They are very portable and feature a lightweight design, which will make it easy for you to transport them from one location to another.
  2. Roll-up banners represent one of the most cost-effective traditional marketing tools.
  3. If you decide to go with a creative and colourful design for your roll-up banner stand, it’ll be highly effective at grabbing the attention of potential customers.
  4. It’s easy to change the graphics of a banner, so you can easily choose what you want to be advertising at each event you go to.
  5. With the help of pull-up banners, you can reduce your staff at events. If you’re on a limited budget, rely on banners to provide vital information about your brand and products to customers instead of hiring salespeople.

Get your roll-up banners today!

If you’re planning to promote your business at an upcoming event, you’ll need to get creative with your presentation and work on your stand. Our vertical pull-up banners are a great way to grab the attention of your potential customers. We advise that you include a colourful and intriguing design to pique the interest of attendees at the event.

If you would like to know more about the roll-up banners available at our branches in South Africa and beyond, contact us for more information.