Marketing your company brand, services, and products through the usage of pull-up banners will help to draw attention to the best features of the above. You can also use the pull-up banners to notify visitors about products that are no longer part of your product stable, to display your company logo, to list the benefits of your products or simply to attract attention.

Highly visible, pull-up banners are often used for presentations, trade shows, exhibitions, and at shopping malls. Placing the roll-up stand just outside a retail store will help to attract attention when having a sale or a special promotion. The same principle applies at a trade show or exhibition.

One of the most important features of pull-up banners is their portability allowing for ease of movement when open and for carrying when closed and in their carry cases. The recoil system makes it possible to easily set-up the stand, take it down, store it and carry it. It is because of the recoil system that the banner can stay in perfect condition even when stored for a long time. The cartridge protects the banner against dust, direct light, and moisture.

Pull-up banners have become the most popular display stands at trade shows because there are no additional labour required to set them up. It is also more economical to use a roll-up than for instance, a wall unit. The most effective displays are those set-ups at eye level and with roll-ups you can attain just that. View our catalogue of pull-ups and contact us today to design one or more for your company.