Display merchandise solutions are not only helpful to companies who frequently display at exhibitions, conferences and tradeshows. Retail displays can help stores to beautifully exhibit their product ranges and attract new consumers. In merchandising, positive and appealing visual presentation forms a crucial part of your offering.

Most businesses compete for the same customers’ attention. With an attractive and rich visual presentation of your merchandise, you can go up against your biggest competitor with confidence. For small to medium sized business owners, effective display merchandise solutions form the cornerstone of their marketing strategies.

The visual representations of your products are very important, whether you are exhibiting at a tradeshow or have a retail store in a shopping centre. At Scan Display, we work hard to provide our valued clients with the very best quality display merchandise available on the market. There are various merchandising units available, each offering unique advantages.S

Mobile and Moveable Display Merchandise Solutions from Scan Display

Our display merchandise is moveable and offers business owners flexibility, as it can be used as retail displays in different venues. They also provide you with additional revenue streams and their setup is easy and convenient. You can set these units up in shopping centres if you do not have a formal shop front, and thereby test your customers’ acceptance of your products, or simply improve your business’s visibility.

Another benefit of choosing our display merchandise is that our units are entirely customisable and can easily be branded with your business’s logo, insignia, signage and visual enhancements in order to promote your business. You can also opt for different variations, we offer counter space, shelves and various different layouts, all designed to meet the eclectic needs of our customers.

Additionally, you can further enhance your display merchandise with posters and banners, or clip frames and brochure stands. These all combine to create a maximum visual impact. If you are looking for an easy way to enhance your corporate presence, while also aiding your merchandise’s visual appeal to the greater consumer market, then invest in display merchandise from Scan Display.

Aside from providing the best quality display units available on the market, we also provide exhibition displays and all of the expected associated accessories that one would normally associate with them. These accessories include:

  • Audio-visual equipment;
  • Signage and banners; and
  • Exhibition furniture, among others.

Excellent Display Merchandise from Industry Leaders

In order to provide our customers with the reassurance that they are indeed dealing with true industry professionals, we have various professional memberships to industry regulating bodies. We are members of the Exhibition Association of Southern Africa and in 2005, we also became the first South African member of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services.

This is the only international organisation dedicated to the specific needs of exhibition service providers and designers. To learn more about our company and to find out how we can help you to promote your products effectively through quality display merchandise, contact us at Scan Display today.