Companies compete against numerous other exhibitors at trade shows and with the advances in technology the stakes have also been upped. One of the most effective ways to get quality sales leads, excellent publicity, and one amazing sales turnaround is by using display stands that are portable, lightweight, and modular in design.

Portable display stands offer a cost effective way to display at various exhibitions with the same stand and are normally sturdy, and thus able to handle the occasional knocks that go along with setting up display stands. If not for the convenience offered, you should at least consider the economical characteristics of such stands before opting for custom semi-permanent stands.

Semi-permanent stands are great if you have the budget for such displays, but most companies want to save money while also having maximum exposure at trade shows. Consider the many types of portable display stands on the market and how you can combine them for easy to set-up and move displays.

Pop-ups for instance, can come complete with graphics, neon lights, and the required curves and can be installed under 15 minutes. Roll-up banner stands can be set-up within three minutes and can be carried in carry cases. They are perfect for the display of logos or to place emphasis on a particular product. Brochure stands are necessary at any of the stands simply because the sales consultants cannot spend their time handing out brochures when they are supposed to interact with visitors. The brochure stands are essential to ensure that the sales material is displayed in a professional manner.

Add to the above, panels and modular booths and you have a completely portable stand that can be used over and over again at various trade shows. Contact ustoday for more information on our wide range of display stands or for help in designing one that will attract the required attention at your next trade show.