If you are looking at cost effective ways to enhance the visual displays at your exhibition stand, then it is time to consider roll-up banners. The roll ups come in interchangeable, wing lite and just lite options.

To get attention at a trade show or exhibition you have to be creative. A billboard is excellent, but if you are looking at a mobile option that can be set up in a manner of seconds, the roll ups will be the way to go. With a roller at the base you can simply rewind the banner, pack it up and off you go to the next exhibition. Easy to store, lightweight, and compact the roll-up banner stands have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. You don’t have to hire additional help for the setting up, moving around, packing up, and displaying.

With the roll-up systems we offer, your banner will also be protected against sunlight, rain, moisture, and dust when stored. It doesn’t take up a lot of storage space, and if you want to travel light, you will find no better option than the roll-up banner stands. The stands can fit in carry bags or cases and as such should you wish to use the banner at a conference or seminar as well, you will be able to take it along without having to take the whole team with for setting up the presentation.

Our roll ups are made to withstand the occasional knocks that are associated with moving around from one venue to another. Since the casings are strong, you will not have to be concerned about tearing of the banners while transporting them. Contact us today for pricing and available options in roll ups.