The IFAT Africa Trade Fair at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg

The IFAT Africa trade fair focuses on discussions and exhibitions related to water, refuse, sewage, and recycling. Aspects regarding water purification and delivery, suitable solutions for water supply to the food and beverage sector, and laboratory technologies are addressed.

With more than 1 500 delegates who attend, the IFAT Africa trade fair provides several opportunities for exhibitors to introduce their products and services to important industry leaders. The exhibition runs alongside the conference related to the environment and waste management with a special focus on water.

This year, the IFAT Africa trade fair was held from the 9th to the 11th of July 2019. It is a biennial event and a must-visit for government officials, environmental consultants, engineers, farmers, food and beverage manufacturers, water supply and purification providers, and exhibitors with products and services relevant to the target audience.

Having a presence at the trade fair is important for exhibitors who want to gain access to the African market to introduce their products and services to decision-makers. Indeed, according to the organisers of the conference and trade fair, more than 80% of the visitors are decision-makers.

IFAT Africa offers an industry-focused platform for exhibitors, ensuring that all visitors to the fair are in the market for water supply-, sewage-, technology-, and recycling-related products and services. Innovativeness is also a feature of this prestigious and important event. The latest developments and trends are discussed, as well as showcased, making it an important event to attend. Top and trending environmental technologies are also discussed and displayed. Indeed, this is considered one of the most important trade fairs related to such technologies on the continent. The event is hosted in synergy with IFAT in Munich, thus also making it an internationally important event for exhibitors. The 2017 event had more than 150 exhibitors from 16 countries. It had over 1 700 visitors from more than 37 countries.

The event provides a discussion forum for service and solutions providers, decision-makers, and industry players. It is a significant event, especially considering the present-day water crisis in South Africa. Cape Town recently experienced the reality of coming close to no water. Water shortage is, however, a real threat throughout the country, despite good rains. The upgrading of water pipes, possible means of getting water that is more potable through desalination plants, and infrastructure development are among the important issues. As such, exhibitors, who have services and products relevant to the situation should not miss the opportunity to display their products at an event such as this.

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