Make Your Exhibition Count at the ISF World Seed Congress

The ISF World Seed Congress is an annual event that is being hosted in France this year. The 2020 ISF World Seed Congress will be hosted in Cape Town from the 6th to the 11th of June. The current congress registrations have closed. However, if you want your company to be well represented at the congress in 2020, you will benefit from booking a trading table or event space.

The ISF World Seed Congress brings together the decision-makers and main developers in the seed industries of the world. The event has a history dating back to 1924 and is thus one of the longest annual running events of its kind in the industry. Industry leaders and key stakeholders have attended, participated, and hosted the prestigious and exceptionally important event.

The International Seed Federation hosts several events globally and has been known for excellence in planning and executing such ground-breaking exhibitions, congresses, and trade shows.

The ISF World Seed Congress in Bologna in 1928 marked the start of an annual repeat of the event. It was also hosted in 1929 in Paris, and in Budapest in 1930. Slow activity in the seed sector was evident in the 1940s by the lack of ISF events during the WWII aftermath. Things set off again in 1950 with another event hosted in Paris, focusing on rules and application for seed trading. A motion was passed for considering plant variety protection at the 1956 event, with the first conference dedicated to plant protection to be hosted in 1957 in Paris.

With the 2020 ISF World Seed Congress to be hosted on local ground, it is the perfect opportunity for South African seed developers and suppliers to exhibit their unique products.

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Book your stand at the next ISF World Seed Congress in Cape Town and let us help you set up the perfect stand.