4 Great Types of Outdoor Displays and Their Benefits 

At the core of any successful business, there is a good marketing strategy. Not only is it essential to let your target market know that your product, service, or brand exists, but you also have to convince them to make use of it. And after they have used your product or service, you have to make them come back for more. You have to maintain their loyalty to your brand, amidst competition. This is where marketing counts. Not only do you have to find innovative and creative ways of grabbing the attention of your potential customer, but you also have to keep reminding them that your brand is still there.

The advertising landscape changes all the time, but the purpose of advertising remains – to bring your customer and your brand together. Outdoor advertising has grown significantly over the last two decades and there are several types of innovative outdoor displays that will catch the eye and bring your consumer closer to your brand:

  1. Billboards: One of the oldest types of outdoor displays, billboards have stood the test of time and they are still used. Nowadays, however, the modern technology and lighting used for these billboards make them more noticeable and interesting than ever. Billboards are typically used next to roads and highways, where there are high levels of traffic and where they are most visible to vehicular traffic. It is a highly effective way to reach commuters and passengers on the move. They are hard to miss, easy to interchange, and electronic billboards can convey varied information at the same time.
  1. Flags and banners: Probably the most cost-effective outdoor display option at events is banners and flags. These are highly effective, as they stand up above head height and are hard to miss. They move in the wind and, as a result, attract attention quite easily, and draw people to stands or particular areas where they can be introduced to the brand.
  1. Gazebos: The use of gazebos has escalated over the last decade. Due to a lot of new developments in this market, gazebos have now become very lightweight, easy to erect and dismantle, and compact to stow. Branded gazebos can be used both indoors and outdoors, and provide a range of benefits. Outdoors, they provide shelter against rain, sun, and wind, while they draw the attention of the customer. Indoors, they provide an intimate atmosphere and a comfortable environment where consumers can interact with the sales staff and the brand. They are also very cost-effective.
  1. Banner walls: With washable printed fabric stretched over a light metal frame, this is a great way to create a boundary. It is easy to replace the fabric over the frame, which means that you can have several different designs drawn up for different events. These are also easy to set up and dismantle, and lightweight to carry.

If you would like to know more about all the innovative outdoor displays you can employ to make your brand stand out from the rest, give our team at Scan Display a call or browse through our products page.