On a crowded office block only those companies that are able to stand out from the crowd will form a lasting impression with both their customers and passing foot and road traffic. Almost every company realises that their competitive edge can only be maintained if they can assure top of mind awareness with their target audiences and one of the most effective ways of doing this is through the production and proper placement of high visibility signage.

The technology used to produce signage is today far in advance of that which was available only a decade ago.signageSignage can be designed to take advantage of full colour printing on PVC or nylon and the high quality printing processes in user today mean that the images and copy that appear on the signage are crisp and clear, enhancing visibility and retention of the information contained on the display units. Some types of signage are not aimed at conveying information about products, but reinforce the corporate image. One example of this is the use of nylon flags at the entrance to a company. These flags are extremely hard wearing and weather resistant and the full colour printing process means that they are both highly visible and attractive.

There are also a large number of signage options for those companies wishing to enhance their visibility at trade shows and exhibitions. This type of high visibility signage usually consist of PVC or nylon banners of different types, but can also consist of show stands and other marketing devices used to increase visibility. Banners for use at shows such as trade shows and exhibitions are usually ordered in bulk. There are no limitations to the number of banners that can be ordered, just as there is no limitation on the size of the banner that can be produced using modern printing technology.

Double sided pull up banners are today possible. These pull up banners feature a pull up banner that can be unrolled from each side of the base. Size is no longer an issue due to the printers that can today continuously print large sheets of nylon or PVA. In the case of high visibility signage such as building wraps the banner is supplied with small holes in it to avoid wind damage and also to reduce the weight of large sections of banner.

There are other types of high visibility signage that are available to marketing departments that can be produced extremely quickly at a low unit cost. These include wall and hanging banners which are manufactured from quality hard wearing PVC. These banners can be stitched with a fold on the seam designed to allow an aluminium pole to be inserted, ensuring that the banner hangs straight once it is set in place.  High visibility signage can also form an integral part of display stands which are manufactured to the clients’ requirements. These display stands are ideal for use at trade shows and allow the company to project an air of professionalism at all times. The display stands also allow the company to display products and merchandise in a way that makes them highly visible to passing foot traffic and allows easy access to allow for product demonstrations.

Most marketing departments make use of highly visible signage in the form of roll up or pull up banners due to the fact that they are both highly portable and easy to erect. The average size pull up banner can easily be transported to a trade show or exhibition in the boot of a family sedan, making them ideal for use by even inexperienced marketing employees.

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