Rolls-ups at the Expo Exhibition

If you plan a display at an expo exhibition then one of the marketing tools not to be overlooked is the roll-up stand. Often used in shopping malls as well, the roll-ups are cost effective, lightweight, portable, and retractable expo exhibition tools.

Roll-ups are also popular display tools even at the largest expo exhibition because they take up very little floor space, allowing for maximum usage of space rented. The average size if display is around 83 cm by 2 meter or as an alternative 83 cm by 4 meter. Normally weighing no more than 6 kg, the roll-ups can be carried around and moved from one spot to another with ease.

Companies normally use the roll-up stands to display their logos at an expo exhibition or to draw attention specifically aimed at placing emphasis on a particular product.  Far less expensive than wall units and easier to setup than most displays, roll-ups are essential marketing tools for an expo exhibition. With very little chance for injuries when setting up and with no need to hire additional help for setting up or dismantling, the roll-ups can be used by people with no technical skills and no particular physical strength. By saving on the cost of displays you will be able to realize more profits at expos while also having more money to spend on brochures and promotional products.

Roll-ups can be placed at eye level for maximum effectiveness and can be turned in any direction at the expo. With less time spent on setting up ads, you will have more time to spend on other essential tasks. The banners are also well suited for a wide range of graphics from textiles to laminated gloss displays.

If you want to list the benefits of a product or service in an effective way, then roll-ups should be the choice. It offers maximum visibility at an expo exhibition at the lowest possible price.  Contact us today for information on the options available and learn just how affordable your display can be.