Point-of-sale displays are often found on isle end caps, in freestanding displays or on counters near store cash registers. There are a number of varieties of point-of-sale displays in either disposable or reusable varieties. The disposable types are usually constructed out of cardboard and are printed with brightly coloured advertisements. Renewable point-of-sale displays on the other hand are made with features such as coolers for drinks, lights for display posters and wires for holding sale items.

Seasonal items and special sale items are most commonly put on point-of-sale displays. Since every customer will eventually end up at the cash register, no customer is missed with this sale opportunity. Candy, holiday items and inexpensive products are easily displayed. Larger items, such as stacks of drink cases, can be used as freestanding bespoke displays.

These kinds of advertisements are more effective when used in conjunction with posters, banners and other elements that draw attention to the items. Vendors usually stock point-of-sale displays in small stores. Large chain stores usually use their own marketing professionals to design and assemble such units.

Many point-of-sale display units are inexpensive. Wire racks for periodical literature and small items are available from online vendors. More elaborate and specialised units can also be ordered online, such as coolers, lit displays and dispensers. Many online vendors can also customise a display for your particular needs.

Custom built displays are rarely necessary, given their popularity with stores and consumers. There is probably already a display unit available for almost anything you want to sell. Effective use of colour helps to move point-of-sale items. Eye-catching colour combinations and effective marketing slogans move products quickly off point-of-sale displays.

If you have unused space on a sales counter, make this space work for you with point-of-sale displays. Areas next to where customers stand in line can also be used to boost register receipts. Small stores can especially benefit from point-of-sale displays since the space they have is so limited. Light, cardboard point-of-sale displays can be weighted or taped to counter tops so they aren’t easily knocked over by customers.

Clear plastic point-of-sale displays work well with items that need to be seen from more than one angle. It allows customers to see and read more of the package or labelling so they know what it is. Don’t underestimate how limited customers’ time is. Most are distracted and busy, so make it as easy as possible for them to recognise items they are likely to want to buy.

Be sure not to discard reusable point-of-sale displays. Frequently take a look at any that are sitting back in the stock room. Many can be reused with a little of imagination. Replacing cardboard posters and making new ones can move product that has been lingering on other shelves.