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Scan Display halves its exhibition stand costs at Madex 2018

by | Jul 5, 2018

Exhibition and event specialist, Scan Display, halved the cost of its exhibition stand at Madex 2018, compared to its stand at the same show in 2017. Both stands were the same size (6m x 6m) and had an equally impactful design.

A cost-saving alternative

Justin Hawes, the company’s MD, explains that the cost saving was possible because of a new product used to build the stand: the Fabric Pop-up System. Compared to other stand materials, the Fabric Pop-up System is more affordable for many reasons:

  1. The system is made from thin (but durable) aluminium frames and fabric graphics. This means it needs few resources, reducing its manufacture cost.
  2. As a pop-up display system, it’s easy to set up without any tools or specialised equipment. The collapsible frames open and lock into place, and discrete feet stabilise The fabric graphics slot neatly into silicon edging built into the frames. This stretches them into a smooth, even image. Set-ups need very little time and labour, and are hassle-free.
  3. The system is re-usable. Scan Display exhibited with it at Meetings Africa 2018, and will be able to use it again at future events, allowing the company to reduce its exhibition stand costs with each subsequent use.

More benefits…

The benefits of the Fabric Pop-up System aren’t limited to its savings opportunities. It’s also hugely versatile:

  1. As with the frames, the fabric graphics are re-usable. However, you can also print new graphics to easily update your marketing message when re-using the Fabric Pop-up System.
  2. You can reconfigure the system easily, because of its modular design and versatile connection options. Like Lego bricks, a few structural parts can create many stand designs. You’re not limited to one design for all your subsequent exhibits.
  3. It comes with a range of add-ons. Aside from straight or curved wall structures of varying sizes, you can create bulkheads, columns and counters. These are all available with a vibrant LED backlighting option. Lighting, shelving and mounted screen accessories are also offered.
  4. Its adaptability enables it to mix well with other stand components. “The Scan Display stand at Madex was a hybrid design, using the Fabric Pop-up System seamlessly with custom elements,” adds Hawes.

Hawes continues, “Another valuable attribute of the Fabric Pop-up System is that it’s more environmentally-friendly than many other stand structures. It’s designed for repeated re-use, which eliminates a huge amount of post-show waste. Plus, it is lightweight and folds neatly into compact carry bags, which reduces its travel-related carbon footprint. It’s a game changing product for our industry.”

To find out more about Scan Display or this product, visit www.scandisplay.co.za or contact Justin Hawes on + 27 11 447 4777 or [email protected].


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