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New, improved fabric lightbox

by | Mar 18, 2019

Lightboxes have become a popular medium for branding in retail stores and commercial properties. This is not surprising, as they are visually striking, versatile in size, can be used in different spaces, and the graphics are easily updated.

Our lightboxes are one of our bestsellers, and we have recently made some product modifications to the frame and the fabric which have given them some unique advantages.

The biggest advantage of our new model is its ultra slim 50mm aluminium frames – a reduction on the previous 65mm frames. This makes it easier to fit the lightbox seamlessly against shop fitting surfaces and walls, and in other tight spaces.

Other features of the updated lightbox include:

  • Newly innovated block-out fabric from Germany. This means the LED lightbulbs are not visible through the fabric, regardless of the angle you look at it.
  • Advanced LED lighting colour options of either pure white, warm white, or an attractive combination of the two.
  • Adjustable placement of the lights to create different effects.

These improvements give our clients greater flexibility in terms of how and where they can use our lightboxes. They also reduce our cost of manufacture, which has resulted in the new model being sold at a lower price.

Some features remain unchanged: the heat sink in the back panel and flame retardant textiles guarantee all of our lightboxes meet strict safety standards.



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