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Scan Retail unveils innovative products for the retail space

by | Oct 17, 2014

The two new products launched by Scan Retail at last year’s South African Council of Shopping Centres Annual Congress are fast becoming popular options for retailers.

“The Glowbox and the Modular Retail Kiosk were both well-received at the congress”, says George Kairuz, General Manager of Scan Retail.


The Glowbox, an LED-lit mannequin and product display plinth, has been developed so that the whole plinth lights up. This enhances the visual drama of products being displayed within a store.

Modular Retail Kiosk

The Modular Retail Kiosk provides retailers and mall owners with a flexible retailing solution. Retailers can decide how to configure the modular kiosk’s components to create the best retail solution for their space.

This solution gives retailers flexibility in footprint and display space. The product has been built with high-quality and durable surfaces and simplicity at its core. It is extremely cost-effective, making it a good option for smaller retailers. It eliminates the necessity for more expensive customised design, but allows for a unique display that suits a small footprint.

LED Fabric Lightboxes

Kairuz notes that Scan Retail’s LED Fabric Lightboxes are still a very popular option for retailers: “This bestseller comes in custom sizes, allowing clients to create amazing branding displays in-store while using greener technologies.”

The use of light to create visual appeal is a popular trend and Scan’s Lightbox and Glowbox both play a role here – both have sustainable energy considerations and in-store visual appeal at the heart of their development.

Quick PODs & Meeting PODs

Scan Retail’s Meeting PODs are another example of a modular solution for both commercial and retail spaces. This modular system creates self-contained meeting areas that are semi-permanent and employ high-end design and technology.

The trend of flexibility in design is increasing throughout the retail space. Creating systems that allow retailers to adapt their environments to their ever-changing customers’ needs is something that will become important, a major factor in Scan Retail’s push for modular systems.

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