Advertising Banner Printing Should Be Striking And Concise

A client’s first impression when they approach your exhibition stand depends very much on the advertising banner printing that appears on your banners.  Therefore, advertising banner printing should be carefully planned to ensure a great visual impact that presents information and graphics in a striking and informative way and piques the client’s interest.  Detailed, text advertising banner printing is a waste of a good medium, because people strolling through an exhibition or trade fair are not going to stand still and read a vast write-up in small text on your advertising banner.

That is why it is so important to present advertising banner printing that does what it is supposed to do: draw the prospective client into your stand with just enough information to get them to ask for more.  Roll-up banners work particularly well for indoor exhibitions, because they can be had in very large sizes and create a striking visual impact.  Their large, vertical surface area allows imaginative advertising banner printing to be used on them and because they are vertical banners, they use up little horizontal floor space, which is usually at a premium at indoor exhibitions.

You can have the advertising banner printing on these roll-up banners designed to present large graphics, bold text and prominent logos to capture people’s attention even from afar.  Being indoors, these banners’ advertising banner printing will bear some detail together with the graphics, as long as you present it in a simple, short and preferably bulleted format to take in at a glance.  Outdoor banners do not always afford you such a luxury and if you want to appeal to passers-by or perhaps even motorists, your advertising banner printing should be large and simple and devoid of any detail that can muddle the message.

Large Format Digital Printing Offers Quality And Cost Advantages

Large format digital printing is used frequently by companies that require banners, displays and other large format advertising and promotional material printed.  Traditional printing processes have proved unsatisfactory for the fast-moving advertising and exhibition industry and present several disadvantages:

  • Traditional printing takes up a lot of time and constitutes a long chain of processes.
  • Last minute changes are costly because an entire section of the process has to be repeated.
  • Few copies are very expensive and you have to print many to bring unit costs down.
  • Many people are involved in the process, driving up costs – and more things can go wrong.

The Advantages of Large Format Digital Printing

Digital printing holds many advantages, not least the lean process with less fuss and clutter from concept to final product.  Unlike normal canvas printing procedures, the file is saved electronically and printed directly from this electronic copy – this means a very quick turnaround time.  It also does not matter if you want one copy or many hundreds of copies; you start saving money from Copy 1, unlike traditional printing processes that require economies of scale.

It is also simplicity itself to affect last-minute changes to the design, because all the changes are made to the electronic file.  There are far fewer people in the chain of events, so you save both time and money and fewer things can go wrong en route to the final printed product.  Your digital printing professional should also be able to assist you with the choices of materials to print on and supply you with sound design advice.

The Importance of a Professional Service Provider

It is of the utmost importance that the company that does your large format digital printing has the latest equipment to perform a top quality job on large media, along with a team of designers that can help you create the banner advertising campaign you have envisioned.  Large format printing appears mostly on banners, gazebos and other places where large designs have to be viewed from afar by passers-by.

Intelligently designed advertising and promotional material can be re-used many times over again and if the quality of the large format digital printing is the best available, there is no reason why you cannot use your banners at every trade fair and show you attend.  Pull-up banners are especially popular at exhibitions, because although they are compact and easy to transport, carry and set up, they provide a large area for printing (up to 1.5 m x 2.1 m) and each side can be printed differently.

They can be seen from afar, but you have to carefully consider what you put on them, because nobody wants to stand and read a lot of fine print while passing by your exhibition.  The money you had spent on the large format digital printing will simply go to waste if your design is not simple, eye-catching and timeless.  Include text, by all means, but keep it short, sweet and preferably bulleted so the information will be easy to disseminate.

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