Roll-Up Banners

Jaw-Dropping Roll-Up Banners: Tips for Showstopping Designs

Roll-up banners are vital tools for exhibitors and businesses to introduce brands, products, and services to people walking or driving past them. These marketing tools are perfect for creating interest and getting people to know the brand better, even if they have not yet stopped to ask about what the message entails. Most roll-up banners are designed to present the message at the eye level of the average person. This means messages are best displayed at heights of 1,7 to 1,8 m. The idea is to have people feel that the messages are addressed to them personally, almost as if they are in conversation with the advertising material.

This type of advertising tool is useful in many situations:

  • Product launches.
  • Announcements of new business ventures.
  • Highlighting specific events, products, services, or features.
  • Announcing special offers.
  • Directing visitors through an exhibition stand.
  • Showing the path to an exhibit.

With these applications in mind, consider how much or how little to put on the medium. Keep in mind that the people mostly see the messages while they are walking or driving past. They are not standing still and cannot read everything. This makes it essential to create balance in text, colour, design, graphics, and layout. You cannot convince every visitor to try or buy, but you can create a lasting impression with a desired outcome for the intended audience. Here are a few top tips for creating jaw-dropping roll-up banners to unleash the power of visual display for driving visitors to your booth or getting them to support your business:

  1. Create A Logical Flow. Though people read from the top of a page to the bottom, you do not have all that much space to work with. In addition, the display is at eye height, so you want to take advantage of the left-to-right reading pattern of the viewer. To this end, include only what is a definite must-have on the medium, such as the logo, slogan, call to action, and contact information. Think of it as the hook and bait at the end of the fishing line. You only need their interest and once you have it, you capture the rest of their attention, much like catching a fish. The sales team provides the rest of the information to help the visitor make an informed decision.
  2. Place the Core Message Above All Others. The reader sees the first message at the top first. And if anything is remembered, it is the message at the top, which is why you want the attention-grabbing feature right at the top. This can be the web address or a photo of a product. It is the first contact with the brand and must be impressive to be memorable.
  3. Use Colour to Support the Message. True, for a small business not surrounded by many other banners, the roll-up is already effective, simply because it is there where nothing else is being displayed. When it comes to the trade-show environment, it is one of many and thus harder to see and remember. Fortunately, a play on colour can make the difference. Use colour hues that work with your logo and brand colours but make sure the colours highlight the message. Though a bright, neon colour can have a head-turning effect, it does not necessarily make it easy for the visitor to see and read the message.
  4. One Image Equals A Thousand Words. Yes, it might be a cliché but you have limited space. A powerful, high-quality image of at least 300 dpi before printing is essential.

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Outdoor Branding

Outdoor Branding Products for Applications Ranging from Exhibitions to Sponsored Events

Outdoor branding is just as important as in-store or exhibition stand branding. However, the materials and products used indoors cannot always work outdoors. Sun exposure, wind, rain, and general exposure to outdoor elements should be considered. You want products that are perfectly suited to be used in all weather conditions.

Perhaps you are planning to exhibit at one of the upcoming events listed below:

  • Africa’s Travel Indaba (May 2019)
  • We Are Africa (May 2019)
  • Manufacturing Expo (June 2019)
  • Professional Beauty Exhibition (September 2019)

If so, you will want superior quality products to get your brand message across. Of course, the same products to be used at the above exhibitions can be utilised at your corporate and sponsored events. Indeed, use your next charity run or golf day to build brand awareness with the products introduced below.

Telescopic Banner

This type of banner folds up to be extremely small. It is lightweight in design and takes up little space when not in use. Simply pull out the shaft and you have a highly visible flag type of banner. Due to its design, the banner is highly visible and flexible enough to withstand strong winds.

Popup Frame

Use the popup frame to gain brand exposure on two sides. It is perfectly suited for use on grass surfaces. The fabric is washable and the frame design makes the changing of brand messages a breeze.

Banner Wall

Now, you can have an attractive banner wall system for indoor applications. The outdoor stand can be erected quickly. Even though it has a light frame for easy transportation and more mobility, the banner wall stand is sturdy enough to be used outdoors. When folded, it takes up little space, which is useful for transporting or storing your exhibition products in a small storage space.

Flag Fountain

Do you want to add flair and more visibility to your flag displays? Use our flag fountain system, which allows multiple flags to be displayed at the same space.


As popular today as when the design first made its appearance in the outdoor branding arena, the sharkfin is as suitable for exhibitions as it is for realtor shows, product launches, and sponsored events.


When it comes to outdoor events, you want a product display area that protects against the weather elements. Our lightweight gazebo structure can be erected quickly without any special tools and it is sturdy enough to hold its own against winds.

View our full range of outdoor branding products and get in touch for more information.

Banner Printing

The Importance of High-Quality Banner Printing and Design 

Your marketing strategy should revolve around getting the customer and the brand together. This is where quality products come into play. You do not always need the most expensive advertising methods, but even cost-effective products, such as banner printing, must be of high quality to yield the most benefit.

When it comes to banner printing, it is essential to create content and design that will be truly representative of the product, brand, or service. The identity of the brand should be clear through quality design, and the printing and digital design have to be smart and clear. Banner printing must be of high quality for the following reasons:

  • Reusability: Banners are used repeatedly at a wide variety of events, exhibitions, and tradeshows. This means that they suffer wear and tear. Being erected, standing out in the elements, and then being dismantled and stored again can wreak havoc with some more delicate fabrics. This is why your banner printing has to stand up to repeated use. Nothing brings your brand down like an old, faded or worn banner, so it is important that the print can withstand repeated use for a long time.
  • Fade-resistance: Because so many banners are used outdoors, they are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time. The sun, wind, and rain may all contribute to a print fading and deteriorating, detracting significantly from the appearance of the banner. Prints should be clear and offer good UV-resistance. It should be able to deal with getting wet, and it should be able to dry out quickly without fading. High-quality banner printing will ensure that your banners stay in perfect condition for longer.
  • Design: The person who designs your banner has to be a master of their craft. While it is possible to use various combinations of colour and design to create an impact, you have to be sure that you are sending the correct message to the correct market. The design of the banner will represent the character and identity of the brand, and therefore the design has to be aligned with how the brand should be perceived. Colours should be bold and solid but not overwhelming – often text or other messages get lost in a myriad of colours. Lines should be clean and clear, and text should be used only where necessary. Nobody has time to stop and read lines of text on a banner, especially if it is flapping in the wind outdoors, and therefore the message should be clear and concise. Use only a few words that can be easily read. Some companies choose only to use the logo, which is often enough to engage the customer. Contrast can also help to identify the most recognisable aspects of the brand identity, and clever banner design and printing are vital to the positive impact of the banner.

If you are looking for a supplier of high-quality banners and banner printing, give our team at Scan Display a call today!

Banner Stand Designs

We Present to You: Innovative Stand Designs from Scan Display

Since 1996, Scan Display has been at the forefront of innovation in the exhibition and retail display and design sector. Today, we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of great quality banner stand designs and continue to push the boundaries of excellence in the sector. We are proud of our long history of great service and strive to only further raise the bar of excellence in the industry. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide an extensive range of exhibition stands ranging from custom to portable and modular designs.

Our team of talented designers can design and build exhibition stands to our clients’ unique requirements. We also manage projects from brief right through to the execution of the entire project with the help and guidance of our professional production team.

Other display stands available through Scan Display include our cost-effective and leading Folding Systems. This is a quick and hassle-free solution to achieve excellent displays that are easy to set up and take down, and conveniently transfer to the next exhibition. Use this stand to create a temporary wall if the need arises. It is extremely lightweight and can easily be set up by a single person, and is available in six and eight panel options.

Our Expo Stand is a portable and reusable option that comes in a compact carry case. It is modular and can easily be added to or reduced, giving you the power to mould it to your own requirements. You can start with a small stand and then add additional frames to create a large- or medium-sized stand, adding to its popularity as a long term investment.

Taking the Banner Design Stand Sector by Storm

We bring many years’ experience to our respective fields. Our team of seasoned professionals will work with you to see a project through from beginning to end, and provide you with a complete solution for all your needs. We make use of our established infrastructure in design and execution to produce award-winning banner stand designs that do our clients’ brands justice. During the course of the years, our commitment to excellence has helped us to secure our place in the industry as a leading supplier of innovative display stand solutions.

Now you too can tap into our extensive resources and benefit from partnering with an industry leader. We not only have a nationwide footprint in South Africa, but also throughout the rest of the continent. Throughout the years, we have helped thousands of clients to realise their visions and compete in incredibly competitive sectors. Entrust your banner stand designs to the professionals and benefit from a mutually beneficial partnership with Scan Display.

Today, we are proud to be the industry leader in the southern African exhibition, events and retail display industry. We specialise in award-winning stands and retail displays, with an emphasis on retail display and events exhibition infrastructure. Contact Scan Display to learn more about our business and to find out how our banner stand designs can help your business to separate itself from the pack.

Attracting New Customers to Your Business is Easy with Banner Printing

The money and resources that you spend on banner printing will never be in vain. Quality designed and printed banners help draw many new customers to your business. As your company’s visibility increases, its sales of products and services will also improve. Unlike signs that are manufactured using plastic, metal and wood, the material used for banners is flexible, inexpensive and can be temporary. This makes it a great medium to advertise specific events, product ranges or seasonal services that need an advertising blast.

Which events are best suited for banner printing? These banners are used at exhibitions, in open houses, tradeshows, and grand openings of new premises and businesses. The possibilities are truly endless. The quality of the banner is of paramount importance, however, as you do not want to associate your brand with subpar marketing materials. It is because of this that it always pays to partner with a professional supplier of quality banner printing, such as Scan Display.

Get Word of Mouth out About Your Company with Banner Printing

Signs that are made from wood, plastic or metal are rigid and limited, and are also not very convenient to transport to tradeshows and exhibitions. While those signs certainly have a place in the marketing world, banner printing offers a whole host of other benefits. With a talented design team, you can manufacture banners that reflect your company’s branding and corporate colours, as well as tailor them to the different seasons of the year, or to specific events or product launches that your company is hosting.

They are extremely easy and user-friendly to set up and transport, and will not cost you extra hassle and fees, with regards to paying expensive labour to set up and take down the banners after each event. Instead, you can concentrate on luring in new prospects and clenching the deal, then easily and quickly take down the banners and be on your way to the next marketing event.

Trust Scan Display for Affordable and Quality Banner Printing in Southern Africa

At Scan Display, we have worked hard to become an industry leader in the design, production and manufacture of great quality banners. Our banner printing services are popular among companies of all sizes and from all corners of the economy. We provide the best quality banner printing and design services in southern Africa, and continue to lead our sector forward in excellence.

Our team of seasoned in-house graphic designers works with you to design banners that will do your company justice. Coupled with our great buying power, you can benefit from our expert services and invest in competitive banners for your business. We built our company on developing key strengths, which include our extensive product range but also our commitment to exceptional customer care. Our team is passionate about our sector and continues to work hard to offer you greater value for money. Contact Scan Display to learn more about our banner printing services and how they can benefit your business.

Employ Striking Promotional Banners At Your Exhibition Stand

There are many types of promotional banners that you can use at exhibitions, trade fairs and shows to best promote your brand and products.  The design of the printing on your promotional banners is very important, because you rely on these promotional banners to capture people’s attention, even when they are still some distance away from your exhibition.  It stands to reason that the banner should be clear; the corporate identity should be prominent; the graphics should be bold and the use of colour should enhance the message.

The type of promotional banners you use will differ, depending on whether your display area is indoors or outdoors.  Certain promotional banners, like pull-up banners, offer a large and very usable surface but are unsuitable for outdoor use because they tend to blow over easily.  The best banners to use outdoors are A-frame banners and vertical banners.  The cheaper type of A-frame banner folds up very compactly and pops open at once to be place on the ground; however, they should be anchored down in windy conditions.  More permanent and sturdy aluminium A-frame banners are available too, but they take longer to set up and break down.  However, they are strong, stable and heavier and can be used over and over again by just changing the canvas.

Vertical promotional banners include sharkfin, teardrop, flag and telescopic banners.  All these banners use a single rod that is inserted into the ground.  They are tall and visible from afar and, importantly, they are virtually impervious to wind; they will simply align themselves with the wind and point downwind all the time.  An added advantage is that they use up little horizontal space, so many of them can be used on the same stand.  Of course, your outdoor display can also do with a branded gazebo.

Beautiful Roll-Up Banners Can Liven Up Any Exhibition Stand

Roll-up banners are among the most frequently used and versatile banners for use at exhibitions, trade fairs, shows and displays.  They roll up compactly into a tube that is as long as the width of the banner and this makes them very easy to carry and transport.  The other big advantage is that the roll-up is a vertical banner – the typical ones are over two metres high – yet they require extremely little horizontal floor space, making them ideal for exhibitions where space is at a premium.


Roll-up banners have very few disadvantages and these mostly have to do with their tall format.  They may be prone to falling over when walked into and they do not work very well at outdoor exhibitions, because they offer little resistance to wind and blow over relatively easily.  For outdoor shows, flag and sharkfin banners work best where vertical banners are required and A-frame banners work best where horizontal banners are required.


However, roll-up banners have many more advantages than disadvantages:

  • They are easy to carry, transport and set up
  • They are very compact when rolled up
  • They stand tall (up to 2.1 m), so they attract people’s attention and are easy to spot from afar
  • They use very little floor space when set up
  • Many different sizes are available
  • Almost anything can be printed on them, from colourful graphics to text
  • They can be printed with different designs on each side

These advantages have made roll-ups deservedly popular at almost all types of shows and exhibitions.

A Range of Models and Sizes

The Wing roll-up banners come in several different sizes, the smallest being the aptly-named Mini Wing; its banner surface measures 595 mm by 1,720 mm.  The Wing and Wing Lite both have banner sizes of 845 mm by 2,100 mm, but the Lite has a more compact, lighter and narrower tube for a foot at the expense of some stability.  Maxi Wing offers the latter two’s 2,100 mm height but is nearly a metre wide at 995 mm.  Even larger are the 1.2 m and 1.5 m Wing models: both measurements refer to their widths, while they retain the 2,100 mm height.  The biggest offers a very significant 3.15 square metres banner space on each side for elaborate designs.

A Crowd-Puller

Roll-up banners are a veritable crowd-puller, especially at trade fairs and exhibitions where the regulations stipulate the use of similar, cubicle-like exhibits that can be depressingly alike.  The use of floor textures, furniture and display cases can do a lot to spice up your cubicle, but it will be your banners that will be visible from some distance away.  They will attract people to your stand and it is that much easier if your roll-ups are large, striking, well-designed and attractive.

Professional Designer and Printing Services

That said, it is little use if your grand ideas are watered down by an unprofessional execution, so be sure to only contract the services of the most professional large format digital printing experts to print your roll-up banners.  They should be able to assist you from the very beginning stages with all the parts of your exhibition display and not just the printing of your banners.  Their designers should help you choose the display shell, furniture, flooring and lighting and help you design timeless, re-usable banner graphics.  Then they should be able to print all your banners too, so that you can benefit from the superior quality and cost savings stemming from a digital printing process, as opposed to the expensive and cumbersome traditional canvas printing processes.