Jaw-Dropping Roll-Up Banners: Tips for Showstopping Designs

Roll-up banners are vital tools for exhibitors and businesses to introduce brands, products, and services to people walking or driving past them. These marketing tools are perfect for creating interest and getting people to know the brand better, even if they have not yet stopped to ask about what the message entails. Most roll-up banners are designed to present the message at the eye level of the average person. This means messages are best displayed at heights of 1,7 to 1,8 m. The idea is to have people feel that the messages are addressed to them personally, almost as if they are in conversation with the advertising material.

This type of advertising tool is useful in many situations:

  • Product launches.
  • Announcements of new business ventures.
  • Highlighting specific events, products, services, or features.
  • Announcing special offers.
  • Directing visitors through an exhibition stand.
  • Showing the path to an exhibit.

With these applications in mind, consider how much or how little to put on the medium. Keep in mind that the people mostly see the messages while they are walking or driving past. They are not standing still and cannot read everything. This makes it essential to create balance in text, colour, design, graphics, and layout. You cannot convince every visitor to try or buy, but you can create a lasting impression with a desired outcome for the intended audience. Here are a few top tips for creating jaw-dropping roll-up banners to unleash the power of visual display for driving visitors to your booth or getting them to support your business:

  1. Create A Logical Flow. Though people read from the top of a page to the bottom, you do not have all that much space to work with. In addition, the display is at eye height, so you want to take advantage of the left-to-right reading pattern of the viewer. To this end, include only what is a definite must-have on the medium, such as the logo, slogan, call to action, and contact information. Think of it as the hook and bait at the end of the fishing line. You only need their interest and once you have it, you capture the rest of their attention, much like catching a fish. The sales team provides the rest of the information to help the visitor make an informed decision.
  2. Place the Core Message Above All Others. The reader sees the first message at the top first. And if anything is remembered, it is the message at the top, which is why you want the attention-grabbing feature right at the top. This can be the web address or a photo of a product. It is the first contact with the brand and must be impressive to be memorable.
  3. Use Colour to Support the Message. True, for a small business not surrounded by many other banners, the roll-up is already effective, simply because it is there where nothing else is being displayed. When it comes to the trade-show environment, it is one of many and thus harder to see and remember. Fortunately, a play on colour can make the difference. Use colour hues that work with your logo and brand colours but make sure the colours highlight the message. Though a bright, neon colour can have a head-turning effect, it does not necessarily make it easy for the visitor to see and read the message.
  4. One Image Equals A Thousand Words. Yes, it might be a cliché but you have limited space. A powerful, high-quality image of at least 300 dpi before printing is essential.

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