Stand Building for Festive Events

Stand Building for Festive Events: 7 Tips to Get You Going


Your stand can either fade into the décor of the exhibition or make a lasting (and positive) impression. By following the stand building for festive events tips below, you can set the design path to a successful booth at any event.


  1. Space is Limited

Space equals money and with limited space, you want to maximise the area usage. Confirm how much space you have to work with before you start building the stand. Festive events are all about visitors being able to walk through and utilise your stand without having to navigate through narrow entrances. Remove all obstacles at the entrance and exit points that can hinder natural movement through the stand. Set up meeting spaces to the back of the booth, allowing people to come in and walk around without having to wait for others to complete their conversations with your salespeople.


      2.   Choose the Right Colours

Keep with the event theme. If it is Christmas, then red, green, white, gold or silver are expected colours. If your brand doesn’t have any of the colours in the brand logo or message, don’t despair, because you can still decorate in your colours and add one of the expected colours that fits with your brand colours. If blue is the main colour of the brand, you can add white as the contrasting colour or work with blue and silver.


  1. First Impressions Count Really Do Count

Your stand competes with many other superbly designed booths for attention. Expect most of the booths to maximise on the festive event theme. To stand out, you need to do something different without ignoring the festive theme. Use lights to highlight and pay attention to the floor. It is about the entire experience, which is why you need to think about your choices when it comes to walls, layout, ad messages, handouts, seating, comfort and enjoyability of the visit to your booth. Think what will create a strong message and superb first impression. Angled light boxes with attention grabbing ad messages at the entrance can help to create interest and thus enticement to explore the surrounds.


  1. No Graphics?

It is about visual enticement. With limited space and time to grab attention and retain it you need to work with powerful graphics as opposed to loads of text. Choose images and graphics that can convey targeted messages without extensive wording or explanations.


  1. Text Must Be Bold and Limited

Keep text to a minimum, but make sure every text message is at eye level and highly visible. Short, powerful and memorable text messages work rather than long form copy messages.


  1. Use Various Types of Materials

Sometimes materials that would otherwise not work together, can be used to create interesting stands. Use aluminium, glass, plastic and fabric in unique combinations rather than just working with one type of texture.


  1. Tech Society Means Tech-Hungry Visitors

Add display or information kiosks for more interaction. Use light dimming effects. Make sure the sound equipment is top-notch if you play music or announcements. You want the visitors to appreciate your mastery of technology without overwhelming them. Utilise virtual reality for demonstrations of your products or services. Have apps ready for download and interactive gaming where relevant.


Get help from professionals to make your booth truly pop at the next festive event by making use of our design expertise.

Roll-Up Banners

Jaw-Dropping Roll-Up Banners: Tips for Showstopping Designs

Roll-up banners are vital tools for exhibitors and businesses to introduce brands, products, and services to people walking or driving past them. These marketing tools are perfect for creating interest and getting people to know the brand better, even if they have not yet stopped to ask about what the message entails. Most roll-up banners are designed to present the message at the eye level of the average person. This means messages are best displayed at heights of 1,7 to 1,8 m. The idea is to have people feel that the messages are addressed to them personally, almost as if they are in conversation with the advertising material.

This type of advertising tool is useful in many situations:

  • Product launches.
  • Announcements of new business ventures.
  • Highlighting specific events, products, services, or features.
  • Announcing special offers.
  • Directing visitors through an exhibition stand.
  • Showing the path to an exhibit.

With these applications in mind, consider how much or how little to put on the medium. Keep in mind that the people mostly see the messages while they are walking or driving past. They are not standing still and cannot read everything. This makes it essential to create balance in text, colour, design, graphics, and layout. You cannot convince every visitor to try or buy, but you can create a lasting impression with a desired outcome for the intended audience. Here are a few top tips for creating jaw-dropping roll-up banners to unleash the power of visual display for driving visitors to your booth or getting them to support your business:

  1. Create A Logical Flow. Though people read from the top of a page to the bottom, you do not have all that much space to work with. In addition, the display is at eye height, so you want to take advantage of the left-to-right reading pattern of the viewer. To this end, include only what is a definite must-have on the medium, such as the logo, slogan, call to action, and contact information. Think of it as the hook and bait at the end of the fishing line. You only need their interest and once you have it, you capture the rest of their attention, much like catching a fish. The sales team provides the rest of the information to help the visitor make an informed decision.
  2. Place the Core Message Above All Others. The reader sees the first message at the top first. And if anything is remembered, it is the message at the top, which is why you want the attention-grabbing feature right at the top. This can be the web address or a photo of a product. It is the first contact with the brand and must be impressive to be memorable.
  3. Use Colour to Support the Message. True, for a small business not surrounded by many other banners, the roll-up is already effective, simply because it is there where nothing else is being displayed. When it comes to the trade-show environment, it is one of many and thus harder to see and remember. Fortunately, a play on colour can make the difference. Use colour hues that work with your logo and brand colours but make sure the colours highlight the message. Though a bright, neon colour can have a head-turning effect, it does not necessarily make it easy for the visitor to see and read the message.
  4. One Image Equals A Thousand Words. Yes, it might be a cliché but you have limited space. A powerful, high-quality image of at least 300 dpi before printing is essential.

Get Professional Help

Let our design and print experts turn your roll-up banners intopowerful advertising tools. Get in touch for a quotation and advice.


Attend Automechanika as the Leading Automotive Service Trade Fair in Johannesburg

The leading international automotive service industry trade fair, Automechanika will be hosted in Johannesburg, 18 to 21 September at the Nasrec Expo Centre. If you have not yet booked a stand, do so as soon as possible.

The event attracts large numbers of trade visitors from all over Africa. Reasons to attend and to host a stand at the trade fair include, but are not limited to:

  • The opportunity to meet with new and current industry service providers.
  • Getting a glimpse of the latest developments and technologies in the automotive service industry.
  • Improving your skills set by attending the free skills development workshops.
  • The opportunity to compare products, brands, and prices.
  • Meeting with other automotive service providers and building an extensive contact network.
  • Gaining brand exposure.
  • Selling your products and services.
  • Meeting with potential clients.

With Automechanika only hosted bi-annually, you do not want to miss the above opportunities. You can also now get free visitor tickets by registering online at the Automechanika website. Brands that will host stands and events at the trade fair include names, such as:

  • Auto Electrical Systems
  • Afrilube
  • Apollo 21
  • BG Automotive
  • Compact International
  • Engen Petroleum
  • Ese Machine Tools
  • Global Hardware Group
  • Highveld Garage Equipment
  • International Clamps
  • Klingspor
  • Mansons International
  • Multicat
  • New Mart
  • Odis Group
  • Pride Tools
  • SAC Trucks
  • Tekno SA
  • DTI
  • Trade Service
  • Ultratune
  • Valenti Light
  • Western Auto Spares
  • Stanley Trading
  • Oily SA
  • Merseta
  • Gumtree
  • Auto X

Many more well-known brands have already booked their stands for this year’s event. Indeed, in excess of 600 exhibitors will attend. As many as 15 industry conferences will be hosted, and there will be more than 30 skills sessions. Representatives and delegates from more than 27 African countries are expected to attend, and as many as six interactive zones are planned for the event.

The Automechanika 2019 Innovation Awards will also be hosted in recognition of the product innovations from across the globe, driving the success of the event. Visitors can look forward to the special display of innovative products at the event, the largest of its kind in Africa. Indeed, Automechanika entails four events in one. As such, if you are involved in the industry, you need to make sure you have a stand or at the very least, visit the fair. The Innovation Awards competition is now open for entries. If you are interested and want to enter a product for the prestigious award, you can do so at the trade fair website.

The free skills development programme is also something to consider. Attend workshops on topics, such as the advancement of the turbocharger, hybrid/electricity safety, customer experience and health and safety, and engine block mechanics diagnostic workshops. Several more such skills development programmes are to be hosted over the course of the trade fair.

Book your stand and give us a call to help you get started on the selection of exhibition stand materials for your trade booth at Automechanika 2019.

Outdoor Branding

Outdoor Branding Products for Applications Ranging from Exhibitions to Sponsored Events

Outdoor branding is just as important as in-store or exhibition stand branding. However, the materials and products used indoors cannot always work outdoors. Sun exposure, wind, rain, and general exposure to outdoor elements should be considered. You want products that are perfectly suited to be used in all weather conditions.

Perhaps you are planning to exhibit at one of the upcoming events listed below:

  • Africa’s Travel Indaba (May 2019)
  • We Are Africa (May 2019)
  • Manufacturing Expo (June 2019)
  • Professional Beauty Exhibition (September 2019)

If so, you will want superior quality products to get your brand message across. Of course, the same products to be used at the above exhibitions can be utilised at your corporate and sponsored events. Indeed, use your next charity run or golf day to build brand awareness with the products introduced below.

Telescopic Banner

This type of banner folds up to be extremely small. It is lightweight in design and takes up little space when not in use. Simply pull out the shaft and you have a highly visible flag type of banner. Due to its design, the banner is highly visible and flexible enough to withstand strong winds.

Popup Frame

Use the popup frame to gain brand exposure on two sides. It is perfectly suited for use on grass surfaces. The fabric is washable and the frame design makes the changing of brand messages a breeze.

Banner Wall

Now, you can have an attractive banner wall system for indoor applications. The outdoor stand can be erected quickly. Even though it has a light frame for easy transportation and more mobility, the banner wall stand is sturdy enough to be used outdoors. When folded, it takes up little space, which is useful for transporting or storing your exhibition products in a small storage space.

Flag Fountain

Do you want to add flair and more visibility to your flag displays? Use our flag fountain system, which allows multiple flags to be displayed at the same space.


As popular today as when the design first made its appearance in the outdoor branding arena, the sharkfin is as suitable for exhibitions as it is for realtor shows, product launches, and sponsored events.


When it comes to outdoor events, you want a product display area that protects against the weather elements. Our lightweight gazebo structure can be erected quickly without any special tools and it is sturdy enough to hold its own against winds.

View our full range of outdoor branding products and get in touch for more information.

Banners and Flags

Using Banners and Flags to Promote Your Business Brand and Image 

Put your business name out there! Stand out from the crowd! We often hear these statements, but how does one really go about achieving these objectives? If you would like to get exposure for your business and provide the perfect opportunity for brand recognition, making use of banners and flags for your advertising is certainly an effective way to do it. Reaching your target audience can be made a great deal simpler when you use our outdoor and indoor advertising products. Our banners and flags serve as ideal marketing tools for all types of events, including sports days, exhibitions, and tradeshows.

As a business owner, you are aware that advertising is essential to the success of your business. If you are participating in an event, whether indoors or outdoors, having striking visuals for marketing, such as banners and flags, should be one of your top priorities.

When there are large crowds of people about, and you need to attract the attention of a specific target audience, having an eye-catching banner or flag can be very effective. Of course, you need to ensure that the banners and flags you use are of excellent quality and that they are designed to convey a clear message that is thought-provoking. There is no need to overload your advertising items with too much information and content, as this can dilute the message or overwhelm the audience. Keep the message simple and the graphics eye-catching.

At Scan Display, we have a range of banners and flags designed to represent your business and brand in a professional and arresting way. Our banners and flags are cost-effective, but that is not the only reason so many people like to use them. We believe that our clients deserve only the best quality, so we ensure that every banner and flag that we provide is weather-resistant and will not fade or tear easily. All our flags and banners are designed to be lightweight for easy transportation and are also quick and easy to set up and fold away after use. Each unit is made of durable and lightweight aluminium and vinyl and they are available in various shapes and sizes. All you have to do is choose which one is best for you.

A banner, flag, or a combination of both can be of use for any type and size of business. However, it is important to use products that are well-designed and place them strategically in order to get the most mileage and exposure out of them. At Scan Display, we can assist you with choosing the right type of banner for your advertising objectives. We can work with your provided artwork or we can design something fresh, new, and effective for you. Simply let us know what type of message you want to convey, and our professional team can assist you with it.

If you would like to learn more about our range of various flags and banners, we welcome you to browse through our catalogue. You are also welcome to contact us via email or telephone for more information and product advice at any time.

Banner Advertising

Benefit from The Affordability and Effectiveness of Roll-Up Display Banner Advertising 

Roll-up banners provide a practical way to advertise your brand and present a corporate or promotional message while on the move. If you are not looking for fixed advertising options, banner advertising is the way to go. Roll-up or pull-up banners are lightweight and portable, which makes them the perfect temporary or re-usable advertising medium. The fact that they can also be assembled and dismantled very quickly makes them ideal for busy professionals.

While using digital screens for advertising is also quite popular, these are usually associated with a hefty price tag. Those who are looking for an advertising alternative that is just as effective, but highly affordable, will find that roll-up banners may offer precisely what they need. The money that you save on advertising will enable you to invest in a number of banners and other advertising mediums, which means that you can get greater coverage and reach.

If your business wishes to promote its items in a number of stores and outlets in an area, or across the country, the roll-up banner is ideal. You can invest in a variety of banners, which can be switched and changed as needed. You will also find that the artwork on them is easy and affordable to change as well. In addition to being a great display piece in-store, you can also use banner advertising at outdoor events, tradeshows, product launches, conferences, and similar.

Today’s print media marketplace has come a long way. The industry offers much-improved substrates on which to print and digital printing techniques have advanced to the point where high quality and crystal-clear prints are a given. In fact, images printed on your banners can be on par with professional photographs. This means that you will not run the risk of your text being illegible or your graphics being blurry. Of course, the artwork must be provided in the correct format and of the required resolution.

Roll-up or pull-up banners are very easy to deploy, which is another good reason why they are so useful in the advertising world. The banner fabric on which the graphics are printed are held in place by means of hooking it into a collapsible rod. When the hook is released, the banner is rolled backwards into a protective base. The rolled-up banner is now extremely compact and easy to store. The base also features stabilising feet, which enable the banner to stand upright when in display mode, meaning that you can set it up almost anywhere without having to look for supporting structures to which to secure it.

At Scan Display, we offer various types of pull-up banners that come complete with protective carry bags. The range includes the Wing, Wing Lite, Just Lite 2, and Econo Banner units. All banners in the Wing range have a lifetime warranty on hardware components. We can supply the banner complete with your artwork printed on it. If you would like to learn more about our range, or receive a quotation from one of our professional consultants, simply contact us via email or telephone at Scan Display today.